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On the island of Java, Indonesia, the ethnic Javanese people, following the tradition of their ancestors, basically have great interest in spirituality ( kebatinan in Javanese language).

Spirituality is a state of being spiritual, experiencing the oneness with the divine entity, GOD.

Spirituality also include worshipping GOD at all times, endeavouring to understand the meaning of life, follow the rules of good conduct and manifesting love towards fellow beings and living creatures in daily life.

Those on the path of spirituality must be conscious of GOD’s presence at all times and in doing so many experiences will be encountered, some may be pleasant and others may be distressing, but those are only “ ingredients” in walking the divine path.

The spiritualists, a seeker of true knowledge, as a human will reach the peak of spiritual experience ( enlightenment) when he is in a state of harmonious relatinship with GOD ( Gusti in Javanese).

The popular Javanese terminology for such spiritual experience :

Jumbuhing kawulo Gusti          - Having harmonious relationship between Man and GOD

Manunggaling kawulo Gusti      - Realizing the oneness of the spirit of man with the Divine Spirit, GOD

Pamore kawulo Gusti               - The union of a human being ( the created) with GOD ( The Creator)

Actually the above phrases have similar meaning. Man’s individual spirit becoming one with GOD  or reaching the state of oneness with GOD.


The existence of spirituality is logical. A man who during his life coming to the understanding that life and nature do not only consist of visible things. There are “invisible” things, but they exist too.

Science and ordinary people acknowledge that besides tangible materials, there are also abstract matters, such as thought, an idea or inner feelings ( batin in Javanese language) which exist in the invisible realm.

Before a thing is manifested, created, being born, it is already in the mind or thought of a person. It starts in the invisible realm. Before an act is carried out, it starts in the mind or thought of a person.

Everything which is visible is in the realm of physical, manifested ( lahir in Javanese) and those which are invisible exist in the realm of non-physical, un-manifested ( batin in Javanese).

There are 2 kinds of eyes :

1.    Mata lahir ( in Javanese), the physical eyes which are able to see visible things.

2.    Mata batin ( in Javanese), the spiritual eyes or psychic eyes which are able to see invisible things such as spirits, ghosts and the invisible world.

From the spiritual point of view, every human being has the gift of spiritual eyes, besides the physical eyes.

It is a pity that in modern society, the ability to see with the spiritual eyes are shunned and discouraged and the power to receive intuition is often not acknowledged or disbelieved by general public.

A man or a woman with “truly opened” eyes and having a perfect functioning of his/her brain and subtle feelings is able to perceive and to see both visible things as well as invisible things.

So, it is clear that the ordinary person with physical eyes and the spiritual person with psychic eyes see the real world differently.

The conclusion is : our brothers and sisters whose spiritual eyes are “ inactive” can only see visible and concrete things of the physical world. That is fine and should be grateful to GOD that they have the brain and five senses that function well.

While our brothers and sisters with”activated” spiritual eyes and psychic ability who are able to see the visible things plus the invisible things are quite normal too. There is nothing abnormal or strange about it, because they simply utilizing GOD’s given ability ( the sixth sense).


It is a fact that not everybody is able to see and sense invisible things of the non-physical world and view images of other dimensions, however, people with extra abilities are often incorrectly considered as having supernatural abilities and are called paranormals.

The paranormals give the so called “ spiritual consultations”. Those people marvel at being called paranormals because bearing that title, they are often able to make a fortune.

Unfortunately, such consultations are often not given based on voluntary desire to help another fellow being, as it should be, but the ones who seek help are often asked to pay a large fee.

Hopefully, the paranormal gives accurate predictions and good advises. If the client or patient is poor and in desperate situation, he shold not be charged, instead the poor man should be given some money for transport.

In some cases the man who calls himself paranormal( dukun in Javanese) tricks his client to get enormous amount of money. Of course it depends entirely on the person with special gifts to do his task according to his own conscience.



Instead of going to a paranormal or a psychic person for consultation, whenever feeling troubled or confused because of a problem, you should remain calm, pray to GOD, start doing some kind of spiritual exercise to activate your spiritual senses in a relaxed way.

At the beginning, you have to be patient, do the exercise step by step. Realize that you have de-activated your spiritual senses for quite a long time, since you were a child of 2 years. If they should re-open too quickly, you may be frightened and experience psychological shocks.

The implementation of the spiritual excercise involve you alone, with GOD’s blessings.

You can do the spiritual exercises totally by yourself, surrendering to GOD, or if you prefer, you may have a guide who is your senior in spirituality or a spiritual Guru.

A spiritual Guru or a spiritual teacher will guide you to avoid experiencing psychic disturbances and getting negative influences, in order that you will always remain in the divine spiritual path. The choice is yours, it is entirely up to you.

The most important thing is that you are taking the true path, which is your birthright, taking the divine way to GOD.


To learn spirituality means to be engaged in spiritual deed, it has nothing to do with superstition, communicating with bad spirits which dwell in eeriie places, practising black magic and so on.

Spirituality is noble, a method to know the essence of truth, to know the real self, the true life, so that your relationship with GOD becomes harmonious. The Javanese terminology is Wis tinarbuko, your soul have awakened, you have reached a state of higher consciousness. Oleh Pepadhang –you have reached enlightenment.

Some use the terms Unio Mystica – a mystical union between a man and GOD.

Another populer phrase is a man meets his Higher Self ( Pribadi Sejati in Javanese) or meeting the Highest Self ( Mandiri Pribadi in Javanese)_.

This is the essence of true spirituality.

Suryo S. Negoro
Edited by Sita Sudjono