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Human Beings in the Center of the Universe

Our Home, the Earth

As we stand in the open air, in the middle of a paddy field, by a river which clean water runs non stop, surrounded by hills and mountains which land is covered by green trees, caress by fresh air, with the sun and blue sky above, we can’t help but to praise the kindness of the earth which has sustained our lives in this world.  Human beings are able to live in this world, which is the result of millions of years of process, so that the world becomes a livable home for us all.

At night, the moon, planets, and million of stars decorate the sky.  The atmosphere opens up the heart so that it knows how to love one another.  Children play outside and adults enjoy their evening with their families after a long day of work.  Everything is beautiful and peaceful, a harmonious life.
Praises be to God, who shows us that the balance of a harmonious family life and a peaceful collaboration of every human being in our society, is the key to a balanced life.

Natural Disasters

It is the wish of every human being to live a safe and prosperous life.  However, sometimes nature finds its own way to create havoc and disasters.   Earthquake, volcano eruption, flood, storm, fire, tsunami, dry season, sickness and other kind of disasters may struck at any time.  Some people believe that natural disastercould have been caused by spirits from different dimensions.  This is not impossible, however this will be a very rare case.
The sweet nature turning into such a beast, as if it wants to turn the world upside down.

Don’t Blame Nature

When an unpredicted natural disaster occurs, don’t blame mother nature.  Understand that nature does not ‘act up’ often.  The rest of the year nature provides the earth and us with abundance resources of food and beverages, the fresh air that we breath, the land that we live on and love.  Human minds are programmed to take nature and the earth for granted, instead of being appreciated.  Many do not realize that we are all part of nature and the world.  We cannot live without the earth. Nature is conditioned to support human’s life.  Nature motivates people to be creative and innovative.  Therefore  we need to appreciate and take care of our earth the same way we would take care of ourselves,with love and gratitude.





Changes and Reconstruction

Since the beginning of time, the universe, including the earth, goes through changes.

The movements of the universe gave birth to different aspects, which fulfill the needs of the earth at one point. The universe constantly moves; it never is stagnant.

The map of the earth million of years ago consisted of only a continent surrounded by an ocean and then it was two continents. Then the continents separated by the movement of the earth and changed the map to the way it is currently.

Therefore there is a possibility that these phases of movement will continue to go on.

Just like a human being needs to stretch out time to time, the earth needs to do the same.

The Javanese legend has it that the base of the earth is being supported by a giant snake; for the sake of the earth’s stability. It is the king of snakes and his name is Sang Hyang Antaboga. Time to time, he needs to stretch his body parts so he will not get tired.

When he moves, the surface of the earth shakes, natural disasters and other commotion starts. During this time, the earth is actually going through a reconstruction, which will never stop. To reduce the unwanted damage, science should be used. However, the most important factor is for the human beings to have the conscious to preserve the earth, with the blessing of Lord The Creator of Universe.

The Biggest Disaster

When we review the data which shows the amount of money lost from the damage created by natural disasters, all together the sum is actually less than disasters caused by human beings own doing.
There are a small number of human beings who strictly follow their greed, pursue money, power, force their wants and needs to others in an attempt to gain their worldly needs.  History has recorded that humans attitudes and emotions have created pain, suffering, war, victimized other human beings.  The biggest disasters have been men made.  Human being is created as a cultural being, unfortunately many have given in to their weaknesses  and left their noble way.  It is important to channel our energy to benefit others and not to cause pain and suffering.

Back to Nature

As the law of nature would have it, everyone wants a better life, which is understandable.  However, to get to our ideal life style, we need to use common sense.  Do not destroy the environment, do not sacrifice the fertility of the land, do not cut our trees without replacing them.  When mining natural resources, watch for the balance of the surrounding environment.  Protect the air, both in villages and cities.  Do not pollute the beach and the ocean, do not turn in into a toxic environment.  Use technology that is gentle to the earth.  Use energy that does not threaten the lives of human beings.  The weapon industry needs to be controlled so that the weapons won’t be used into destructive machines that could destroy our earth.

The peacefulness of the world needs to be maintained, consciousness needs to be increased through mental and spiritual efforts.

When the world is safe, human beings and animals are safe too.  Safe and in peace, there will be order in life, in this beautiful earth.

Attitude and Mission

The human being’s main mission in this world is to maintain this beautiful life, and therefore the earth needs to be maintained so that it continues to be a comfortable place to live.  The Javanese philosophy calls it “Memayu Hayuning Bawono” (To preserve the beauty of the world and all its contents), continues to be relevant to today.

Besides our mission as a people, each of us has an individual mission we carry in this physical world. A true person is supposed to understand this mission, a duty carried before the birth of the person into this world. However, many of us forget the true self and the mission we carry into this world, due to logic installed in them by those who raise him or her.

A human is being born into this world with a sacred mission, not only to survive the world, for the sake of living. We are equipped by highly sophisticated senses, so that we live this life safely and successfully in carrying our missions.

Human being is an un-separated unit of Body, Mind and Spirit. When all these three are functioning well, the human will achieve his or her mission successfully. Both the worldly mission as well as the spiritual mission.

There is a saying, which goes that the “black and white” of the world is determined by the conduct of humans.  This is why the world needs human beings who are kind hearted, conscious of their surrounding, have the guts to do the right things and want to give back to their communities and preserve the environment.

Human being is nothing but a dot in this big world.  The Javanese saying: “Wong iku mung sagedhe tengu- human beings are only as big as the fleas” believes that when a person thinks that he or she is the most brilliant, the greatest person of all, a person such as this goes against his value as a human being.

Now, human beings need to return to their consciousness, return to their calling as human beings, which is a soul who wears  physical and subtle bodies, commanded or being given the chance by Gusti (God) The Creator of life, to  carry the most important mission in life.  To fix what is broken, and increase the quality of life in the world, to increase their consciousness for the sake of the humanity.  Prosperity and fairness for our lives in this world.

So be it.

Suryo S. Negoro
Translated by Nurul Kartikasari.