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Profiles of The Contributors

We greatly appreciate the support  we have received from friends and family for the mission of Jagadkejawen  The Javanese Culture and Spirituality which is aimed at the preservation and introduction of all aspects of Javanese culture through its website, the Jagadkejawen.com.

Cultural  approach is a significant way to gain a mutual understanding of the balance of honesty and respect. Everybody is a proud winner of the success that each of us will gain. Therefore, the understanding of the essence of a culture is key of mutual respect and the base of a relationship which is based on the love of one another.

This website from its initial vision and early inception, has been positively supported by those whishing to show their inherited culture into its current development.

After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, during the era of openness, today and the future, there should be someone who is brave enough to offer an understanding of the Javanese culture. Not just from the outside look of it, but also from what his or her heart believes in. Otherwise, the young generation of Javanese who does not really understand, might think of their own culture as complicated and outdated and is even associated with superstition.

Witnessing the lack of understanding of the Javanese culture, we, especially the seniors, the ones who respect and honor the culture, believe that we need to break away from being silent. Along with the change in our commnunity which requires us to be more adaptable, to be more open and pro active, we should be able to explain with patience and wsdom, so that our culture can be understood and accepted. In this era, to share positively will be the way to go.

In short, herewith we introduce those who have shared their passions of Jagadkejawen The Javanese Culture & Spirituality. We hope that this list of contributors will grow with future activity.

We sincerely appreciate their support, whether in the form of ideas, information, assistance with translations and editing, photographs etc. We also appreciate any form of financial assistance,to help us with the maintenance and development of our website. As we say in Javanese “ Jer basuki mawa bea” – For any activity to be successful, financial assistance is needed.

Best regards,
Suryo S.Negoro



DR. Cosmas Batubara





A well known politician in Indonesia, Three terms of office as a minister from 1978-1993.

A member of MPR – The People Consultative Assembly 1967-1999, a member of DPR, Parliament 1974-1978.

President of PMKRI – The Association of Catholic College Students of Indonesia 1963-1967

President of PMKRI of Jakarta 1962-1963

Not many people know that the soft spoken politician was born from a simple family in Simalungun, Tapanuli ( North Sumatra) 71 years ago.
Batubara received his Bachelors of Arts from Perguruan Tinggi Ilmu Publisistik, The School of Communications , Jakarta in 1964. He then received DRS. Degree in Politics from the University of Indonesia in 1974. He received his doctorate degree ( DR )from the same university in 2002 in the age of 64.

He is married to R.Ay. Cypriani Pudyati Hadiwidjana. The couple is blessed with four children, four in laws and five grand children. To today, DR. Batubara is still active in business in the field of property and automotive and also in social and culture.

His enthusiastic welcome of Jagadkejawen.com :

Indonesia is a country  rich with a variety of art, tradition and culture. Each has its own unique and each is beautiful. A compilation of various different things in one place, that is what Indonesia is about.

My culturally Bataknese background has not hinder me to understand and appreciate the Javanese culture. My wife is a Javanese born in Jogjakarta. From our days together and all literature that I have read, I came to an understanding of true classical Javanese philosophy with its valuable meaning.

Advices and explainations from the ancestors are important values that has great amount of truth in it, which therefore need to be pass on the younger generation.

It is may hope that this local knowledege with the great universal values, will stand as one of our foundations to guide us to act wisely and be perfect solution to build an Indonesia that will provide for its people.

Franciscus Salesius Swantoro Drs. MSC.





The spectacled man was born in Klaten, Central Java in September 8, 1953, under the zodiac of Virgo. According to Javanese calendar, he was born  on Tuesday Kliwon. 28 of the month of Besar ( The 12 th or the last month of the year), in the year 1884 Ehe, under the wuku of 24 namely Prabangkat. ( In a year there are 30 wukus, a kind of Javanese zodiac).

He weas born and bread by his traditional Javanese family, so that he is very familiar with Javanese culture.

He had lived and attended schools in different towns. His Elementary School was in Klaten, Secondary School in Muntilan, High School in Surabaya.

In 1979, he graduated from  The Faculty of Political Science, The University of Parahyangan, Bandung and ini 1996 got his Master of Science in Political Science from Gajah Mada University, Jogjakarta.

Since 1980, he works as researcher, writer and political analyst in different institutions, starting from : Center for Strategic and International Studies ( CSIS), Suara Bangsa daily, DPR- Parliament, and Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate ( SSS) from 2000 to present date.

He has written many articles in various dailies such as Kompas, Suara Karya, Sinar Pembaruan, Media Indonesia, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Bernas, Suara Merdeka, in the publications of CSIS and SSS.
He said that writing and analysing political affairs is his profession. But in his private life, he always follow the Kejawen way of life where he and his family can find a good living, peace and happiness.

He is very happy with the birth of Jagadkejawen.com, he appreciate it highly, through this website we are able to preserve the Javanese culture globally.

F.S. Swantoro said : “ In fact, I know  Raden Mas ( Javanese title of nobility) Suryo since 1980ties. At that time mas Suryo was handsome, attractive and has magnetic authority. With his thin moustache, he was quite a gentleman.

In spiritual discussions where I met him in Jakarta, I know that mas Suryo is my senior in absorbing Kejawen, the Javanese Spirituality. He has a broad vision and has sharp spiritual eyes.

In many ocassions he told his juniors to always live in the right and good way. This short phrase has a deep meaning for a spiritualist. It means one must be consious to believe and abide God.

Up to know ,I keep this phrase deep in my mind.

The emergence of JagadKejawen.com will promote the Javanese culture globally, it will be known by different societies in the world.

The Javanese knowledge including its spirituality and philosophy will spread and it can be learned not only by the Javanese, but by people from various parts of the world.

Once again, I appreciate warmly the appearance of Jagadkejawen.com in the internet, so that we are able to preserve the Javanese culture.

Prof.DR. Hariani Santiko





A Professor of Archeology of The University of Indonesia. She is actively involved in archeology for 50 years already. Since 1959 she became a student of archeology in the same university. She has followed some post-graduate studies in the science of archeology.

1973- 1974  East West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1977- 1978  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

1980-  1981  South East Asian Studies in London and Leiden, The Netherland.

Prof. Anie as her students call her, contributes to JagadKejawen.com by submitting articles of Hindu’s and Buddhist’s temples and sacred sanctuaries in Java.

As an appreciation to Jagadkejawen.com, she comments :

To study history does not mean to return back  the life of the past to present time, it is merely to know and learn the positive and negative aspects of the past events and facts.

What had happenend in the past could be used positively for the best development of our nation. At the same time we have clear historical pictures of our cultural identity which has been able to absorbe and adopt the influence of foreign culture to enrich our culture.

I support strongly  every effort to preserve the Indonesian and Javanese culture as devoted by JagadKejawen.com by presenting my articles of ancient sacred sanctuaries build by our ancestors.

The temples such as Borobudur, Prambanan, Sewu,Sewu, Panataran and others have been built by the ancient Javanese/Indonesian people. Really, they were great artists who were successfully blended some elements of foreign culture with our local culture.






Moetaryanto is an enterpreneur, the owner of Petrolog group of business enterprises in Jakarta.He is a graduate of Gajah Mada University, Jogjakarta and Australian Administrative Staff College, Melbourne.

Moetaryanto or Te’ as his friends call him, since his youth  has a reputation as law-profile figure, honest, diligent and intelligent.

At present, he is still engaged to activities related to business communities such as : Adviser of Indonesia Australia Business Council, Adviser of EKONID – Indonesian German Economic Organization.

He is also busy in various social engagement a.o. Adviser to PPIA – Indonesian American Friendship Association, Member of Board of Management of Swiss – German University, Jakarta and as from 2004 , he is a  Honorary Consul General of Republic Tunisia to Indonesia.

Moetaryanto welcomes warmly JagadKejawen.com :

Based on my life experience, I am fully aware that Javanese art and culture including its philosophical knowledge have outstanding values useful to us and highly appreciated by our friends  from other countries.

I have witnessed with touchy feeling when I escorted Indonesian dance performances to foreign countries a.o. to the USA.

I agree gladly when Suryo, an old friend of mine, my schoolmate  in Teladan High School, Jogjakarta in 1956-1959  invites me to contribute for the development of JagadKejawen.com. I understand that JagadKejawen website aims to preserve the Javanese art and culture.

I do sincerely hope Jagadkejawen.com will be useful for our younger generation and at the same time can promote our culture to the world.






A senior journalist cum photograph from Jogjakarta. He is also a Javanese dancer and gamelan musician. He has a rich collection of photos of various cultural events in Jogjakarta, including ritual ceremonies of Jogjakarta Palace.

As aprreciation to JagadKejawen.com he smilingly says :

I know Suryo and his families for quite a long time. I oftenly met his late mother Madam Sosronegoro when I took photographs in many wedding ceremonies where the bridal traditional beautician ( Pemaes in Javanese) was Mrs. Sosronegoro, a famous bridal beautician at that time. I know also well his late father KRT. Sosronegoro who was  a pioneer of Ketoprak, a Javanese traditional  theater.

I know Suryo very closely, when he was a writer of Joglosemar website from 1996-2001. I oftenly took photos for him when we were  covering some ritual events in Jogjakarta.
I am very happy to be able to supply the necessary photos for JagadKejawen.com. I wish the effort of JagaKejawen The Javanese culture & Spirituality to preserve and promote the Javanese culture goes well and I also do hope that many people will consiously support this noble mission.

Hopefully with the blessing of Gusti Allah, GOD, the grand Javanese culture will consiously be appreciated again by our younger genration and also be promoted globally.

Nurul Kartikasari





She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She now resides in Los Angeles, United States.

Lolo, as she preferred to be called, has a degree in International Law from Trisakti University, Jakarta and a Professional Designation degree in Merchandise Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. Fashion, literature and culture are her passions.

She feels very fortunate to be part of JagadKejawen The Javanese Culture & Spirituality team, where she is given the opportunity to participate in introducing the beautiful philosophy and Javanese culture to the people of the world.

Rr. Roswita Nimpuno Khaiyath BA ( Hons), MA. NAATI Prof.





A senior journalist and broadcaster, Roswita went to Australia at the invitation of the ABC to work for Radio Australia in Melbourne. She was sent to Australian Broadcasting Corporations Training School in Sydney to complete a course in radio and television production.

After she left Radio Australia, she became the Head of the Indonesian language program on the SBS ( Special Broadcasting Service) in Melbourne, a post she held for 25 years. Roswita who is a Monash University alumni, held a number of positions :

1986- 1993 Lecturer-in-charge of Indonesian Studies Department, Deakin University, Melbourne.

1993 – 1994  Vice President, Public Affairs, P.T. Freeport Indonesia.

1998- 2000 Marketing Manager and Professional development Manager, Local Government Professionals, Melbourne.

2000- 2003 Training Manager, Training and Employment Services Australia, Melbourne.

2003- 2008 Senior Producer and Broadcaster SEBI-FM, Adelaide

2006  Radio Nederland Training Center and BBC Lead Trainer, School of Brodcast Media, Jakarta.

In 1990 ,she established Australindo Business Services in Melbourne.

She has been active in all Indonesian related community activity in Melbourne. And for 37 years Roswita was also active in Indonesian language activity as a translator and interpreter. Since the establishment of NAATI( National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) in Canberra in 1981 she played an active role as a member of the examiners panel for Indonesian and Malay.

All her working life Roswita’s interests have been about her homeland and she has shown tremendous interest in introducing and furthering cultural development. Her grandfather, Raden Mas Sudono Nimpuno, was a wellknown lecturer at the Koninklijke Instituut vor de Tropen in Amsterdam, Holland and most of his books, like “Tjoro Jawi” can still be found in major world universities like Leiden and Monash. He was   role model for Roswita.

Arie, Suryo’s wife is one of my longest and best friend whom I have known since the 60s. My relationship with her and her families are more than mere friendship ,so when I was asked to assist with translations and editing articles for Jagadkejawen.com, I immediately agreed.

My interest in Jagadkejawen’s mission is focused on the promotion and introduction of Javanese culture to younger generation. I hope that JagadKejawen.com can become a tool for spreading Javanese cultural knowledge to the world.

Prof.DR. Sutan Remy Sjahdeini





He is a Professor of Law and Legal Banking expert, he teaches in several universities.

Besides managing Law Offices of Remy and Partners, he hold several positions in differenr institutions.

Despite his tight schedule in business, he is also The President of ISB, Institut Sakti Balistha, an organization of alternative healing. Under his guidance, ISB dessiminates alternative healing therapy by using universal energies such as Reiki and other divine energies.

Since his early childhood he has passions to the Javanese art and culture. Although he has root of Minang family from his father who came from Tanah Aro, Solok, West Sumatra. His late father was a medical doctor who assigned to work in Surabaya and Malang.From his mother paternal line, Remy was a descendant of Sunan Kalijaga. ( Sunan Kalijaga was one of the famous Walisanga, the nine Islamic saints who dessiminated the religion of Islam in Java in the 15 to 16th century).

He speaks very well Javanese, the dialect of East Java as well as the refined Javanese language – kromo inggil. Since his childhood in Malang, he loved and learned the Javanese classical dance. When he was a student at Airlangga University, Surabaya, he joined the University’s Wayang Orang group led by Prof.MR. Boedisoesetio. ( Wayang Orang is a traditional stage play accompanied by gamelan music which performs the narrations from Ramayana and Mahabarata epoch).

At present, this former Director of BNI State Bank is a founding member of Puspobudoyo Foundation led by Luluk Sumiarso, former Director General of Oil and Gas. Together with this group, several times he took part in the Wayang Orang and Ketoprak performances held in Jakarta. ( Ketoprak is a traditional Javanese drama performs the old legend of Java). He also took part in Ludruk ( East Javanese drama0 together with ex.schoolmates from Malang.

For JagadKejawen.com, he warmly welcomes :

I love very much Javanese culture and it is also my duty to preserve it. For quite sometime, the Javanese culture faded. I am enthusiastic with the appearance of the website http://www.jagadkejawen.com which has significant mission to preserve the art and culture of our ancestors.

I hope our art and culture will get back its fame in our land as well as abroad.

This website is a bilingual website in Indonesian and in English. I am of the opinion, it should be better if this website also appears in Javanese refined language.

To one of my best friends, Suryo S.Negoro, the founder of the JagadKejawen.com, I wish to appreciate him highly and I do sincerely hope, the missions of this website will be successful.

Dr. Tatag Utomo MM





Tatag is a rather unique young executive. His profession is a trainer of Mental Attitude development for workers and executive and a Lecturer of management, although he has graduated as a Dentist ftom the University of Indonesia, Jakarta in 1995.

He was born in Jakarta, 21 March 1971. He worked as dentist only for one year, then he studied  at PPM Higher School of Management, Jakarta in 1996-1997 and he got a degree of Magister Management ( MM). He joined the KPPSM F.X. Oerip S. Poerwopoespito – a course for mental attitude development and since 1999 becomes Director of Education and Lecturer to improve mental quality of Human Resources. He takes part actively in managerial discussions held by PPM Higher School of Management and  Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the social field, he is volunteer of health life care of cardioviscular in National Heart Center and in other health care fields, such as : The prevention of Diabetis Mellitus, Bird Flu etc.

Tatag has passions for reading, learning and writing. He has written some books with the aims to improve the mental attitude of workers and executives. For human resources development he has written :

  1. The brilliant methode of Presentation.
  2. Tatag  Utomo ‘s Behaviour Test for HR Recruitment, Selection, Promotion and special requirements.

For www.JagadKejawen.com, he writes :

Speaking about Indonesia, it is about unlimited natural wealth. Some become popular topics such as : The art and culture, the variety of ethnics and languages, the beauty of nature or about its agriculture or sea-resources.

Indonesia has a transcedental heritage i.e. The Kejawen Spiritual Knowledge inherited by Javanese ancestors who had empirical experience in their spiritual deed. Thus, an ancient noble spirituality with universal value was born in this country.

It should be great if the present people hold the Javanese spiritual principles of : Sangkan Paraning Dumadi – The Origin of Humanbeings.

Jumbuhing kawulo Gusti - The harmonious relation between the Creator/GOD and the created/humanbeings.

Mamayu hayuning bawono - Preserve the beauty of the world

Nowadays, people are confronted by the principle of global capitalism which merely engaged in the increasing demand of consumption and capital growth.

The production of goods, services, the expansions of enterprices and factories must go on by exploiting natural wealth until its limit.

Then emerge the problems of over supply, over consumption, over production, over exploitation. Reacting to this unhealthy circumstances, Prof. Ulrich Ducrow from University of Heidelberg  writes his opinion :” The Economy of Enough “. Since a long time ago, the Javanese elders always remind us of “enough”. They say that moderate profit, moderate consumption is enough.

We may make profit and economic growth moderately, not over abundance. As over abundance profit will trap humanbeings to value money above God and humanbeings will only think for worldly material wealth.

This kind of conception will draw people to destroy the world instead of preserve it.
In the past, the traditional Kejawen people learned and discussed spirituality silently and orally. Now, I must appreciate Mr. Suryo S.Negoro’s effort to dessiminate Kejawen as a trustwothy spirituality. I know him since 1990s, I honour him as my spiritual teacher who guide me in spiritual knowledge ,exercises and meditation, so that my soul  is peaceful and enlighted. ( Mr. Suryo S.Negoro always says  that he is not a guru, only my senior in spirituality). He wrote several books of Kejawen spirituality which I enjoyed very much :

  1. Kejawen, The Javanese Traditional Spiritual Teaching
  2. Kejawen, To build a peaceful worldly and spiritual life
  3. Kejawen, To reply the challenge of time of change.

I invite my young fellow executives to browsing JagadKejawen.com to know deeper the original beautiful spirituality of our land. The knowledge of spititulity that will make the land and water of Indonesia more beautiful so that we can live in a peaceful and prosperous society soon.

Suryo S.Negoro





He was born in Jogjakarta, November 1941 and raised in a Javanese traditional family. He attended Primary School to High School  ( 1948-1959) in Jogjakarta.

As a traditional Javanese boy, except learning at school, he learned also Pencak Silat – Art of Self Defense and Javanese classical dance. The young Suryo also learned various popular dances of other provinces in Indonesia as in accordance to the government’s policy at that time to promote national unity among Indonesian youth through art and culture.

The Javanese tradittional art and culture are his family’s passions.

His father, the late KRT. Sosronegoro who worked in the regional administration was also a classical Javanese dancer and in 1930s was a pioneer of Ketoprak ( a traditional theater accompanied by gamelan music. It performs the old legends of Java).At that time, Ketoprak performance had not been accepted by the aristocrats, it was valued as a “cheap art”. It took a quite long timefot the art of Ketoprak to be accepted by the nobilities. In the 1950s -1970s, Jogjakarta was famous with its Ketoprak Mataram, Ketoprak from Jogjakarta.

His mother, the late Mrs. Sosronegoro was a wellknown Pemaes, Javanese for traditional bridal beautician, in 1955-1982 she was a great artist and Guru of Javanese bridal beautician, an expert of Javanese wedding ceremonies.

Suryo who is an Economist with specialization of International Trade has been working as Business Executive ( 1966-1996) in various foreign and national companies. He had visited many countries and has long years of association with people of various nationalities.

When he visited foreign countries, he enjoyed the natural beauty of the countries he visited and also adores their cultures. At the same time, his passion toward his ancestral culture which is beautiful and valuable is growing stronger.

After resigning from business activities in 1996, he continued his hobby by writing down his passion of Javanese culture and spirituality. He became the writer in the website Joglosemar Online from 1996 to 2001.

He has written several books of Javanese Culture and Spirituality in Indonesian and English.  He writes articles enhancing harmonious relations among people of different religions and beliefs to God.

From 2001 up to know, he is a contibutor to the weekly Buana Minggu with topics of Metaphysics and Javanese culture.

Suryo lives peacefully with Arie, his beloved wife for 42 years. The happy family has 3 children who are university graduates and they have 6 grand-children.
By the grace of Gusti, The Loving God, with the blessing of the Javanese elders and with the support of family and friends, he takes the liberty to launch the website JagadKejawen The Javanese Culture & Spirituality.


To make and launch JagadKejawen.com, we got a professional back-up from our friends in Xintesa, Jakarta, our website designer who carefully and professionally help us to make the logo, the design and the up-loading of the articles in Indonesian and in English, the photos, caricatures in an accurate lay out and system, so the website can be access easily and comfortably by our readers.

We will consistantly develop JagadKejawen.com with qualified and relevant articles. We do hope our presentation makes you better informed and happy. So, be it.