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Spirit Brothers and Spirit Guides

In this modern era some people are asking :

Who  am I?

Why am I here?

Where do I come from?

Some people ask whether a human being has  spirit brothers or sisters or spirit guides? We often hear a youngster poses the question : Do I have a soulmate or soulmates?

From a spiritual point of view, the most important soulmates are a soul/ souls who usually become a wife or a husband, brothers or sisters, children or parents or very close friends. There are also soulmates who become good friends in this earthly life or become teachers or students.

Out of  billions of human beings living on earth, a human will only meet  several soulmates whom he/she already knows from a former life.

Spirit Brothers and Sisters

Since  ancient times, the Javanese Spiritual Teaching acknowledges that every human being has several spirit brothers and sisters who always accompany her/him. They are not visible by physical eyes, because they do not have physical bodies. They have bodies of light ( in Javanese Badan Cahyo).

According to universal spiritual knowledge, every human being is accompanied by one or more spirit guides. Those spirit guides  come from the world of spirits.

We are already aware that the soul of a humanbeing is a spirit who wears a suitable etheric and physical bodies. The spirits or souls always live or are immortal, unlike the physical body with limited life time and it can not function anymore after a certain period of time.

When the physical body has become  worn-out, the spirit will go back to where he/she belongs i.e. returns to the world of spirits. In the daily language , it is called :death. The traditional Javanese  say : The spirit returns to the origin of source, going back to Gusti, God.

A living person appears in the form of a humanbeing with her/his etheric and physical bodies, inside dwells a spirit. This spirit is called the Higher Self in terminology of spirituality. It is crystal clear that a living human being is a spirit with subtle and physical bodies to live in the world.

Some younger spiritualists name the Higher Self as “ My Sibling”( Kembaran Saya in Javanese and Indonesian) because when they meet her/his Higher Self, the Higher Self appears exactly like him/her.

According to Kejawen, Javanese Spirituality, everybody is always accompanied by his/her spirit siblings.

The birth of a baby

From a bunch of a man’s healthy sperms coming down to a woman’s womb, only one becomes a fetus and after staying 9 months in the woman’s womb, he/she  is delivered as a baby. ( Or in rare cases a mother delivers more than one baby, could be siblings of 2 or 5 babies).

Only one  or only  a few “seeds of life” will have the opportunity to be born as a baby, to be a human being to carry out her/his life in the world. The chance to live as human in the world must be appreciated, we human beings must be grateful to God, The Creator of Life by  carrying out a good and decent way of life which is useful for mankind and the environment.

A humanbeing carrying her/his mission of life in the earth is always accompanied by her/his spirit siblings anytime and anywhere. The spirits are carrying their duties as assigned by The Creator Of Life, Gusti, God to help and protect their brother / sister who live in the earth as a humanbeing.

Who are our spirit siblings?

Our spirit siblings who have no physical bodies,  always  accompany their human brothers and sisters  and give them the necessary help and protection, so that their human brothers and sisters can live safely, healthy and prosperously. This is their duties assigned by God.

Accoding to Kejawen Spirituality, a human has many spirit siblings. Let’s be acquainted with them :
Mar and Marti, we call them Mar Marti.

They are older than the human. They were not born through a mother’s womb.

Mar is the eldest spirit brother. He is very strong and determined, like the mother’s fighting spirit to deliver the baby.

Marti, she is also very strong and tough, a succesful fighter in setting aside any obstacles. She has a high fighting spirit like the mother who has succesfully delivered the baby. Both the mother and the newly born baby live healthy.

Mar and Marti are highly respected , they are the king and the queen of the family.For those who can see them, Mar Marti appear as light with the color of clean light yellowish white. Mar Marti help their human brother/sister only for very important matters. Only a man or a woman with good conduct, with correct mind set and  practises spiritual deed devoutedly is entitled to ask help from Mar Marti.

Sedulur papat kalimo pancer

The above Javanese phrase means : four siblings, the fifth is in the center.

It means that a human being has four spirit siblings as his closest guides, they are :

Kakang Kawah : The Elder Brother Kawah, who came out from the mother’s womb before the birth of the baby. His color is white, his place is East.

Adhi Ari-Ari : The younger sibling Ari-ari, who came out from mother’s womb after the birth of the baby. The color is yellow. Her/his place is West.

Getih : The blood. The color is red, the place is South.

Puser : The navel. It was cut after the mother has delivered the baby. The color is black, the place is North.

Pancer : Pancer is the existence of the human being with his physical body. Her/his place is in the center.

Sedulur papat kalimo pancer ,may also be called  Keblat papat kalimo tengah means : The four directions of wind, the fifth is the middle. ( The four directions of wind : East. South. West, North, each has its own spiritual meaning according to Kejawen Spirituality. We will learn it some other time).

The above spirit siblings, they have duties to protect and help their human brother and sister to carry out her/his tasks in daily worldly life.

There are other spirit brothers and sisters, who we call them as :

All my spirit siblings who exist through mother’s womb and who exist not through mother’s womb.

All my spirit siblings who are invisible and neglected.

All my spirit siblings who were born together with me.

Now, it is clear that every human being has many spirit brothers and sisters. They are also called :
Sedulur sinarawedi – the closest brothers and sisters. Some spiritualists name them Makdum Sarpin – wise spirit advisers.

It is important to know our spirit siblings

Our elders told us to acknowledge the existence of our spirit siblings. It would be much better if we are acquainted with them. Whether we are aware or not, our spirit siblings are doing their duties assigned by God to protect and help us.

Of course, we  also have to do our best, to work and to have good moral and behavior.Our spirit siblings are happy, if we know them better and closer and they will be more eager to help us. They are happy ,if we invite them to participate in every activity we do, such as :  eating, drinking, learning, working, driving, taking a shower etc.

This is an example of how we can ask them to participate, say silently : All my spirit brothers and sisters ( or if necessary you may call them one by one ; Elder brother Kawah, Younger brother/sister Ari-ari, Getih-the blood, Puser-the navel, Pancer- the human with physical body. All my spirit siblings who exist through mother’s womb and who exist not through mother’s womb. All my spirit siblings who are invisible and neglected. All my spirit siblings who were born together with me), I will eat, help me. It means I can eat safely and the food is also healthy .

All my spirit siblings, help me to drive this car or to travel in this car safely until I arrive at school or office. It means I will travel safely without any accident.

All my spirit siblings, help me to do my work, so it may go smoothly and correct.

Protection during sleep

Before we go to bed, we do not ask our spirit siblings’ participation to sleep. They are spirits, they do not need to sleep. Say  : All my spirit siblings, I am going to sleep, protect me during my sleep. If there is any disturbance or danger, you overcome or conquer it, or if necessary wake me up. Lay down your body on the bed, before closing your eyes, put the  palm  of your right hand on the chest, upon your heart and say  : I am also alive.

Usually you will sleep well, safely. You wake up healthy and fresh in the morning.

Close and good relation

You can have a good and close relation with your spirit siblings. The more you commnunicate with them, you will get used with them, closer to them.

The most effective communication is by calling their names one by one oftenly. You do it because you ask them to protect and help you in every activity you do.

By inviting them to protect and help you, it means you acknowledge their existence, you recoqnize them as your spirit siblings, you need them, you care and love them. Asking protection and help from your spirit siblings does not belittle your dignity, it is your birthright, permitted by Gusti, God.

According to Kejawen teaching, you and your spirit siblings are from the same source, from the wish and creation of God.

If you do not communicate with them, they will not be enthusiastic in accompanying you, although they have duty from God to protect you. They will do their duties but you also must be polite to them.

We should not be astonished, seeing some friends who have miserable life, they have too many obstacles in their life, a bad fate. Might be , they are not helped optimally by their spirit siblings besides there might be karma to be considered.

We know that our spirit siblings do not have physical bodies. It is a kind of exercise for them, before one day they will be entrusted by Gusti, God to live as human being wearing physical bodies.
If they can perform their assignment succesfully, they will be given a chance by Gusti, God to manifest themselves as human beings in the next life.

They are happy to see their human siblings have a good and succesful life.

If their human siblings do not care for them, they might feel bored. They might think : It is useless to accompany a human who does not recoqnize us, do not care to us at all. It would be better if he/she to be called back by The Creator of Life to return sooner to the world of spirits, so we are freed from our duty...

And we can also return to the world of spirits. Then ,we will wait for our turn to be assigned by Gusti, God to live in the world as human beings.

Invite your spirit siblings to pray

The most important invitation to our spirit siblings is when we ask them to be with us, to protect us when we pray to God, when we do meditation, samadi to surrender completely to God. In such event, we have to call their names one by one.

Another important approach to them is when we ask them to join us when we do spiritual deed to strengthen our belief to God, to be closer to God.

During spiritual exercises, our spirit siblings will protect us from evil and any bad entities and negative energy.

It is also important to ask our spirit siblings to help us implement succesfully our duties of life, so that we can live well, free from any dangerous obstacles and temptation. We may also ask their cooperation to help us realize our good goals in this life.

According to our elders, every spirit sibling, each has her/his special duty in helping, as follow :

Mar Marti, they will help only for urgent important matters.

Kakang Kawah/Brother Kawah and Adhi Ari-Ari, younger sibling ari-ari, they help a lot to materialize the good  wishes of a humanbeing. Brother Kawah will help the human to have good wishes while Adi Ari-ari will comfort and support the manifestation of the wishes.

Getih, the spirit sibling blood will help the human to be enthusiatic in carrying out the duty of life.

Puser, the navel spirit sibling  ,cares for the worldly wishes and need.

A spiritualist who has already a harmonious relationship with the Higher Self ( Pribadi Sejati in Javanese)  knows very well that Higher Self has nothing to do with worldly material interest. Only with the blessing of GOD, a spiritualist can meet his Higher Self. It means he/she knows the reality of life. His/her soul is already awakened and has reached a state of higher consciousness. He/ she has reached enlightenment.

We will discuss about higher consciousness, consciousness and sub-consciousness later.


Suryo S.Negoro