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Some people wish to be rich and/ or have strong and strategic powerful position without working hard and decently. Instead of working hard, they prefer to choose an “easy” way to reach their goal. In order to become a millionaire instantly,they dare to commit a fatal mistake through black magic.

They use the black magic of Pesugihan ( Rich of abundant earthly material wealth)  . In that case, those irrational people have to worship berhala. Berhala are not stone statues but bad spirit beings.

For using the service of berhala spirit beings, they have to pay a very high price in the afterlife.


The berhala’s service is not free of charge. As long as the people are still living in this world, they will be helped by the berhala spirit beings . They can enjoy a lavish prosperous life,  have abundant worldly material wealth,  and a powerful position in their communities, but after  death, they have to pay their debt to the berhala who have helped them. There are various kind of berhala spirit beings. They are named according to their appearance :

  1. Jaran Penoleh              - A horse with turning head
  2. Srengara Nyarap           - A dog who is eating his food
  3. Bulus Jimbung              - A big land turtle.
  4. Kandhang Bubrah         - A broken stable.
  5. Umbel Molor                - A hanging mucuc
  6. Kutug Lamur                - A blind Kutug ( a kind of fish)
  7. Gemak Melung             - A singing Gemak – Quail ( a kind of bird)
  8. Codot Ngising               - A defecating bat
  9. Bajul Putih                   - A white crocodile

Those people who have been lured by the berhala spirit beings by using their services and worship them, after  death, they have to pay the most expensive price as they have committed sins by trespassing the stipulation of Gusti, God, they are punished,  can not return to the sacred spirit world where they come from. They have to pay “their debt” before  allowed to return to their source of origin.

In their afterlife , they have to live as a dhanyang. Danyang is a spirit being who formerly was humanbeing. They live in the spirit dimension of watukayu-“ stone and wood  “. They live miserably in some stones and trees.

The Kejawen spirituality teaches us  that a good human being has to carry out her/ his life in the world perfectly, so that he/she can die perfectly too. While we are given a chance to live in the world, we have to carry out an honest and decent life with good behaviour, so that we can go back to our origin of source directly , perfectly,  return to the embrace of God.

Those  who did not have a perfect death, must undergo punishment as in accordance with their mistake.

Other cruel berhalas

There are other berhala spirit beings who like to lure people with fascinating material wealth. People with weak mentality will be easily become their victims.

These very cruel berhala spirit beings appear in the form of Buto Ijo – Green Giant; Klabang Sayuto – A thousand scorpios and Ula Ngripi – A tame snake. These three berhala spirit beings are asking very expensive reward for their services, they ask several human beings  as their food. The people who use their service will be told by the berhala how they can trap some human beings to be served as their offering. If one day,they can not find the required offering, they themselves will be eaten by the berhalas they worship.

In the past, we heard oftenly the stories of that kind of berhalas . In fact, there was a positive lesson from the story. It is an advice for us not to have any commitment with such creatures, the bad spirit beings.

There are other bad spirit beings who are ready to offer their cooperation to help people with wrong doing a.o. the spiritbeing Tuyul who have appearance like small kids with bold heads, their speciality is in stealing money. The bad spiritbeing Babi Ngepet – The bad spirit being thief in the form of swine.

Various kind of punishments

The people who have commited fatal mistakes by using the services of berhala,  will be punished heavily. It is advisable not to have any kind of commitment with bad spirit beings . The easiest way is always to be close to The Loving God. Do good and right things, be honest and always walk in the divine path blessed by God.Love others, avoid bad deeds such as stealing, slandering, killing etc.

We have to be able to control ourselves, avoid any temptation for temporary enjoyment of worldly life. We have to be aware that  life in this earth is not everlasting. Remember the teaching of our elders : The life in this earth is just to drop for a drink- Mung mampir ngombe in Javanese. It means only for a short period. So, always do good things and walk always in the divine path.

The sinners will undergo punishment after their death such as :

A killer will live as an animal for a thousand days for every killing he/she made.The animal’s bodies used as a place of punishment  are : cats, dogs, horses, monkeys,sheeps, pigs, camels, elephant etc.  A cruel killer he /she will be danyang banaspati – a bad spirit being with burning head.

The slenderers , those who commit black magic will be danyang kemamang – bad spirit being with burning body.

Prewangan – a medium, a man or a woman whose body is used by a bad spirit being as medium to communicate with human beings. A woman prewangan will be a peri – a bad spirit being with very  bad odor, she has a habit to tempt naughty men with with weak mentality. The man prewangan will be gendruwo – a bad spirit being with very bad odor, he likes to tempt married woman by appearing himself looklikes her husband.

Those who worship berhalas to seek earthly material wealth in a wrong way, they will be kuntilanak – a bad spirit being with a big hole in their backs and other bad spirit beings.

The dhanyang, they usually live in 13  different kind of trees such as beringin/banyan, randhu alas, sawo, cananga, kanthil etc.

The dhanyang like to tempt human beings with weak mentality or in stressed or desperate condition. Sometimes, a dhanyang appears like an old man or a beautiful woman to tempt his/her victim.

When you are calm, it is not difficult to detect a dhanyang, becausea dhanyang spirit beings has no hollow under the nose and their feet do not touch the land .    If you happend to meet dhanyangs, just calm yourselves, no need to be afraid. Because human beings have bigger and stronger energy than dhanyangs. And remember, every human being has so many spirit siblings who always protect him/her anywhere, anytime. Our spirit siblings are stronger than any bad spirit being.


This is the name for all bad spirit beings with ugly and scary forms and faces.Bekasaan are bad spirit beings of the criminal groups.They are very unpolite and very rude.

Dhanyang Smarabumi

Dhanyang smarabumi is a good spirit being. They are assigned by Gusti, Lord, God to guard  our houses and villages. When they lived as human beings they mastered certain supernatural knowledge which could produced miracles such as invulnarable to sharp weapons, disappear from sight etc. But their spiritual knowledge was not perfect. After their death , they are assigned to be dhanyang smarabumi- spirit being who have duty to guard – sing mbhaurekso in Javanese. They guard, protect the safety of human beings and  the places such as houses, villages where human beings live.

As in accordance to their assignment and duties, human beings may ask help from them to guard  our houses, villages, buildings. They may also guard our ceremonies or parties not to be disturbed by bad people or bad spirit beings.

Usually a dhanyang smarabumi had lived in a certain place before any human being settles in the place. When you ask a help from a dhanyang smarabumi to guard a house, a village, say in heart :

Nini Kaki Sang Dhanyang Smarabumi sing mbahurekso ing deso ..........
Elder Dhanyang Smarabumi who guards the village of ......

Guard my house, my family and also this village, so we are safe. Thank You.

Obviously  we have to thank the dhanyang because they do something important to us. The same thing you ought to say  to your security guard who guards  your house or office. It is an etiquette.  

We are only allowed to ask for safety to Dhanyang Smarabumi , not asking them to help for fortune. This is their duty as assigned by Gusti, God. By doing the job properly, it is a way to mend their past mistake and they can improve their spiritual achievement.

What about the eerie houses and places? Is it true that a human being can marry a spirit being?

----*----       To be continued


Suryo S.Negoro
Edited by Arie Suryo