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If you say silently and faithfully a mantra or aji-aji or japamantra in Javanese language as  accordance to its required stipulations , it will produce a supernatural power or magic power. It works like a miracle, it makes something impossible to be possible. For instance you become invulnerable to sharp weapons or  you become very strong and your body is bullet proof.

The mantra spelled must be in its genuine form, you are not allowed to add  or to subtract  even one word and it must be in its original language. If you break the rule, the power of the mantra will diminish or it won’t work at all.

The mantras or aji-aji of kanuragan are already exist in the land of Java since the ancient time, they are precious non-material heritage of our ancestors.

There are  various kinds of japamantra used effectively by our elders ,so that they could live in safety,  happy  and peaceful life, also freed from any bad and dangerous obstacles.

In the old days,  young peoples with good mind and behaviour who  were consious to preserve the nature and tradition were attracted to learn the japamantras. The traditional people of Java, Nusantara/Indonesia , the masters and fighters of Independance  used the mantras to improve the quality of life of the people.

Many of our patriots,( the independent fighters)  used efficiently some kanuragan mantras, they became good fighters and defendants of truth. They used the mantras skilfully, therefore they became strong, alert and brave .

They had killing blows, they could avoid easily any attack, invulnarable to sharp weapons, bullet proof etc. They survived in every battle and  honored by friends as  well as  enemies.

A good and wise guru usually masters the mantras for protection against any  physical and psychical attack and he has also mantras to conquer enemies. These kind of mantras are named as Aji Kasekten or Sipat Kandel , these mantras  create confidence and braveries in carrying the noble duties of the owner.
The correct spell of Aji Kasekten will produce :

  • The owner’sbody becomes  sakti i.e. strong to any attack such as blows, stabs of sharp weapon, bullet proof and any psychical intrusion.At the same time, he has hard punches to beat his enemies.
  • Jaya-Kawijayan means the owner of the mantras will win every battle with honor.
  • Pangeram-eram which means the owner of the mantras has miracle power,  can make the impossible becomes possible. For instance :  can be invisible, bullet proof etc.

The way to have Aji Kasekten

Seeing the facts of the tremendous power of Aji Kasekten, many youngsters at ancient time, were interested to learn and to master Aji Kasekten. Probably nowadays, those people working in security fields should own Aji Kasekten..

The question arises would be  from whom or from where they can get Aji Kasekten. As since the ancient time, japamantras or Aji Kasekten can only be mastered either from a guru or through learning by oneself.

Mastering from a Guru

Usually a guru will teach his reliable student to absorb  Aji Kasekten. The student must undergo a hard training sessions including physical movements, learning the relevant mantras,  do some self-denials such as fasting, less sleep, less food, meditation in tranquility etc.

If the student has succesfully passed the teaching , then guru will transfer a certain kind of Aji Kasekten to the student. People would say : the student” is being filled” with a certain Aji Kasekten by guru.

One night a guru is transfering to his student, Aji Kasekten against sharp weapon which means the skin of the student will not be wounded when he is stabbed  by a sharp knife. Another night, after the student has passed another lesson , guru will transfer to him the Aji Kasekten for hard punch. The process of transfer includes the relevant mantra. The student will receive Aji Kasekten step by step not all at once

Mastering by yourself.

One can master a certain kind of Aji Kasekten not only by learning from a guru, but also by himself/herself. Definitely     this is a very rare occasion, it is only for a very determined person, who is very strong to do self-denials and  must ask devoutedly to Gusti-God.

Through a devouted self-denials, one is able to control entirely his/her physical wishes and lust,and makes  strong and consistent request to God, so that the wish will be granted.

In the wayang stories we learn that a knight warrior after practising asceticism for a certain period of time he was granted a heirloom or supernatural ability from God Guru . We learn from the old legend  that a man who lived as a hermit for a certain time, he might receive divine revealation from God through the messenger in the form of god or high level spirit. The divine knowledge granted by God,   could also be a knowledge to heal sick people  suffering from physical and/or mental sickness.

The Potency of Aji Kasekten

The potency of Aji Kasekten can be seen when its owner  spells the mantra. Do the mantra function well? When an aji kasekten functions well, it means  the owner of the aji kasekten has mastered it perfectly.

The power of  same aji kasekten owned by two different  people might not be equaly strong.

If you have a kind of aji kasekten or japamantra you must always remember it by heart, you have to perfect your mastery by routine training. It does not mean that you must use it oftenly in a fight, but you must keep it strongly in your mind, avoid its prohibitions if any and you must be convinced when you need the service of the aji kasekten at any time, that it will function perfectly.

If you do not take care of the aji kasekten as it should be or you neglect it, the potency of the aji kasekten will diminish and even vanish. It is a natural law.

Astonished by Aji Kasekten

One day in 1954, there was a sport event between public Junior High Schools’ students in Kridosono stadion ,Jogjakarta. At that time in Jogja there were five public Junior High Schools. The event was attended by all pupils who  were happy because they were given a special holiday. The stadion was heavily crowded by spectators who were so noisy by  enthusiastically giving support to their respective teams.

All of a sudden, from a corner of the stadion, we heard people screamed : “ There is a fight, there is a fight”. Some people went away from the place of fight, but some approached the place to see what happened.

For the first time in life, I saw a free fight between one man against five men.  They  were youngsters age between  15 to 18 years old,  they all looked  healthy. The lone fighter fought bravely using his two hands, he had no weapon. Two of his opponents were using  wooden softball sticks, the other three fought using their hands. The gang of five attacked aggresively, they were yelling to scary the lone fighter.

But he was so brave and calm, he positioned himself in a corner, so that he could not be attacked from the rear. It seems that he was so convinced that he could defend safely himself. He used his hands to cover his head and chest and sometimes  he stroke his enemies with open palms. His blows were quite powerful, his opponent  who got a blow  in his head would totter. He himself, he was striken  several times with strong punches and  wooden sticks. It was unbelievable, his head was strucked strongly with wooden softball sticks several times but gave no effect to him, he was so strong and he blowed back the sticks  and the sticks flung away.

After several minutes of vivid fight, the five attackers knew  that their enemy was very strong and had an amazing ability to fight, they withdrew from the arena and went away silently. He did not run after them, instead he mingled with the crowds and dissappeared.

When the security people came, the fight was over. Some  said that the lone fighter was a boy from a certain kampong ( residential area) and the five attackers were from another kampong/area of Jogja. A senior pupil from our school who was a naughty boy said to us that those people had just practised their kanu. What is kanu ? I asked. He replied harsly : “ Kanu is from kanuragan, you are a small kid, you don’t know kanuragan. If the fighter did not have kanuragan, he would not be strong enough to receive a powerful blow of wooden sticks in his head”. 

Beware of thieves

Until the year 1960, the writer saw several thieves and pick-pockets  were caught  red-handed by the people. Before they were handed over to the hands of the authorieties, usually they were beaten by the angry  mass. At that time, the condition of life as well as  life demand were simpler. People lived in a decent life style. The thieves were not so dare like nowadays, they stole house appliances,  clothes which were dried in the back garden, some domestic pets like birds, rooster. Radio apparatus and sewing machine were already expensive items then.

Although what they stole were relatively cheap items, if they were caught up, they would be beaten severely. Usually the thieves would cry aloud,  asked for mercy  not to be beaten.  What the  unusual thing was  : the bodies of some thieves were intact although brutally beaten by many people. They probably felt very painful all over the bodies, but they would recover from the pain very quickly.

In the  kanuragan world, there is aji kasekten or japamantra by the name of Aji Gineng. People  including thieves who have this aji are very strong, though they are attacked and beaten strongly, they feel nothing, as if nothing happened. If people asks from whom the thieves have Aji Gineng, the answer must be from some black guru.Your hand might be sick and swollen after you beat a man who has Aji Gineng.

The thieves, the robbers ,they have many kind of japamantras to back up their succesful operations. They have japamantra to make other people fall asleep or  become unnotice when they enter a house. When they were hunted by people, if they could reach a wall or a tree, they could become unseen by the hunters.

But there are japamantras to tame the robbers. A neighbor of the writer in Jogja, a young man had succesfully caught robbers by himself several times. He  caught the thief who broke in his house by himself. How he did it, no one knows. After he caught the thief in his house, he let the thief sat on the chair,  gave him some food to eat , then  tied the thief with ropes and he screamed : Thief, thief. Obviously the neighbors would come to help, but they saw the thief had been captured and tied by ropes. He told the neighbors that the thief had surrendered, no need to be beaten , just take to the nearest police station.

The captivate jugglers

At the end of school year, after graduation day, the school organized a school party. The writer has experienced many school parties since Elementary School to High School. The most favorite attractions were stage performance held by the pupils such as choirs, dances, poetry reading etc. In that occasion the teachers and the pupils mingled in a free and happy atmosphere; various kinds of delicious snacks and soft drinks were provided.

When the writer was in High School ( 1956-1959), many pupils learned various folk-dances from different parts of Indonesia. So, we know well our culture, thus it was an easier way to consilidate brotherhood of the nation.
When the writer was in Elementary and Secondary School in Jogja, besides enjoying the stage performance , as the last program, we were also entertained by captivating performance by professional jugglers or magicians.

The jugglers skilfully demonstrated their ability which was combining tricks, speed in their play,  they also performed hipnotism, magnetism and kanuragan.

The Etiquette of Performers

In the old time, before a juggling and kanuragan exhibition  were performed, the leader of the group  would politely ask permission and support  from  the audience  that the group would perform with the sole purpose to entertain all spectators, they did not want to boast themselves. He/she would hope the performance would be successful and went on smoothly without any  disturbance. That was the etiquette of stage performers in the old days.

They did it consiously following an old advice  : “ We are convinced of our ability, our skill; but however clever someone is, there is someone who is cleverer”.

Amazing Performance

If you watch an amazing  performance by  magicians, you would agree that some of their show  were irrational.
But the traditional Javanese people are used to such kind of performance . In the traditional jathilan and reog dance, the players eat and swallow pieces of broken glasses, unhusked paddy rice and a bowl of hot chili-pepper.

Usually the local magicians would perform some attractions ,such as :

  • On the body of the player  were hung  needles and nails.
  • Lying down on the back against sharp nails.
  • Moving some rings and necklaces from one side of the stage to the other side by using the magician’s mind as remote control.
  • The player is able to mention different colors with closed eyes.
  • The player can read with closed eyes.
  • The player can read from the rear of a blackboard.
  • The player can ride a bike around the school ground with closed eyes.

When the writer was in Secondary School in 1956, a magician with closed eyes  succesfully drove a car from sport ground Lapangan Benteng in front of Jogjakarta’s Post Office to sport ground Lapangan Sekip, Bulaksumur ( the present location of University of Gajah Mada) , the distance is about 3/three kilometers. The same magician succesfully drove a car with closed eyes from the city of Semarang to the city of Jogjakarta ( approximately 150 km apart).

The same kind of performance were also shown in other towns of Java in that period of time.

Low Profile of Life Style

The writer is of the opinion that the ability of our stage performers including the magicians in the 60s and 70s was tremendous. Although they were stars like singers, musicians, movie stars, magicians, comedians etc, wellknown artists adored by the public,  they underwent  a simple life. In  daily life, they were very honest and  polite. In Jogja, which is considered as  a small town, people went every where riding their bikes.

It was the attitude of  our celebrities in the 1960 s ,  1970s.

Probably, the work of public relation was still poor, promotion was not aggresive.

At  present the situation is  different, a young stage artist can be a celebrity or diva in a relatively short period of time and then join the high class life style. It seems that today’s artists are seeking for high class life style, is it really what they are looking for? 

Various kind of Self Defence

In 1980, there was a rebirth  of art of self –defence using inner power. Besides utilising physical power and movements this kind of self defence uses also the power of breath. If you wish to learn inner power of self defence – Bela Diri Dengan Tenaga Dalam in Indonesian, you have to become member of such kind of organization.

The rebirth of Kanuragan?

According to our observation, kanuragan was not popular anymore, but since 1996, people started to looked again for kanuragan.

There  were  advertisements in some newspapers offering  skills in kanuragan i.e. “Long Distance Blow” , it means that you can beat somebody even if you live in another town. The advertisement says that you need to come only once and you would be given a mantra and as well as practice and you are guaranteed to master it. Obviously to master skill of kanuragan one will have to pay a certain fee.

It is just like in trading : If you pay, you get what you want. This kind of principle was unknown several years ago.

The writer who was a writer of  website Joglosemar, received many emails from the US and  Europe asking where they could learn “ Long Distance Blow” and the kanuragan skill of “ Avoiding attack from long distance” and every one was asking about its fee. The writer was astonished to receive the emails, but sooner realized that kanuragan is also an attractive skill to  foreigners.

In the year of 2000 and even before, many alternative healers from the US and Europe came to Java, Indonesia.

Some of them learned local traditional healing from our healers cum psychics. They learnedf rom a reputated healer from Jogjakarta  among other how to heal sick people with energized water and by blowing his breath to the head of the sick people ( suwuk in Javanese).

Some of our alternative healers/psychics (  good friends of the writer) were invited abroad. They were invited to heal some “difficult” clients.Praised God, many patients could be healed succesfully.

Our healers were also invited to be present in their practise of healing, some were using inner power, others using universal energy. During that time, healing with Prana and Reiki were already practised  in the US, Europe, Australia as well as in Indonesia.

Various kind of massages for healing and relaxation are practised in Indonesia and worldwide. There is also alternative healing  using the power of praying to God.

In the world of alternative healing, there is a global trend, people  around the world would practise every efficient method for healing. They are practising the healing with universal energy and natural energy using various kinds of tool i.e. crystals, gemstones, woods, herbs , fruits etc.


A number of people are attracted to miracle. In kanuragan practice, the students see with their own eyes how their guru cut easily a banana tree with a sword. With one blow, the banana tree cutted into two. It means the sword is very sharp.Then, the guru beats strongly his own bare arms with the same sword and nothing happened, his arms are intact, no wounds, no blood.

The guru calls his student one by one ( the students are already prepared with mantra), they do not wear shirts, he slashes their backs with sword and nothing happened, no blood, no wound. Obviously the students become more convinced to their kanuragan ability received from the guru.

The next performance, a wallet was put on a table, it is easy touched by every one. Now, the same wallet is protected by a certain mantra. They say : It is locked by mantra. Any one willing to steal the wallet, can not touch it.

The guru “ fills” a student’s hand with mantra, his hands become so powerful. He can break easily a pile of bricks with one strike of his hand.

There is a kanuragan mantra , when you spell it you will be very strong, you can catch easily with your both hands even  a wild bull.

There are also mantras used by the  healers. The students enthusiastically received the mantras from guru. Having high quality sophisticated mantras, you can  also be a good healer. Under guru guidance and with the blessing from God , you would be able to cure sick people.

Talking about guru.you have to find a good guru who accepted you to be his student.The most important requirements  to become a student of a wise guru are good moral conduct and behaviour and  have positive motivation in using your kanuragan and healing abilities tol help other people. Moreover in accordance with the tradition in Java, Indonesia, you are obliged to believe in God and always pray to God devoutedly. Everything happened due to God’s will. This is the philosophy taught by our elders since the ancient time.

There is an etiquette of fighting. You have to behave like a gentleman. The proper fight is a duel, one fighter against another , face to face. There is a classical sentence before a fight in wayang stories : “Here is my chest, where is your chest?” It means both fighters are ready to fight face to face. It is a fight a la gentlemen. To attack unprepared enemy is considered as dishonorable act.

A wise guru of kanuragan will stick to code of honor, and will never sell his ability for money. Guru will teach “ngelmu kanuragan” free of charge for noble purposes.

The Show of Aji Kasekten

A young man who has mastered a certain kind of aji kasekten will be advised by guru not to show off his ability. The aji kasekten is only used for protection.  Usually the youngster wishes to try his aji kasekten in a real fight. According to experience ,  those who have aji kasekten , although they have no intention to fight , there is an unexplainable influence where they are drawn to a fight.

The youngsters instead of trying hard to avoid a fight, they fight whenever there is an opportunity, that way they can practise his aji kasekten.  

There was a young father of 40 years old, for the sake of protection at home, in the street and in the office, he got an aji kasekten for safety.  One day on the way to the office, he got a flat tire and he has to change it by himself. While he was changing the tire, all of a sudden the wrench strongly hit his mouth. His head reeled, almost fainted. He cried spontanouesly : “I am all right”. Strange,though he was hit very strongly, his mouth was intact, it was not bleed, there was no wound. His teeth were also intact.

In the 1980 s, the streets in Jakarta were not safe, there were robbers using guns in the daylight. A young family man with two small children received an aji kasekten for safety including to be invulnerable against sharp weapons and gun shot.

One day, he went by public bus to his office in Jakarta Kota ( the commercial area of Jakarta). The bus was a non- aircon bus and he was seated nearby an opened window. Suddenly some gun shots were heard, several police men chased  robbers. Our friend pray to God for his safety.  He felt that his left chest was hit strongly. He made reflex movements to touch his left chest. In the left pocket of his shirt , he took a cigarette case made of silver..

The cigarette case was holed, there was a warm bullet in it. Praise God, the bullet did not hit into his heart, it was stopped by the silver case. What would happened if he did not pocket a cigarette silver case in his left side pocket of his shirt?

There are beliefs in Aji Kasekten. If the owners of  Aji Kasekten do not wish to use it , then  the aji kasekten will demonstrate its miracle ability.

Kanuragan, Aji Kasekten is a part of Aji Karahayon, the aji used for safety.

It can also be used as a self protection from  any evil attacks,  from natural calamities such as storm, heavy rain, flood, fire, drought, epidemics etc,  also to ward off black magic, neutralize poisons of snakes, scorpions etc.

It is the wishes of our elders to preserve ngelmu kanuragan, kanuragan ability used only for noble purposes  and  not use to make other people suffer.


Suryo S. Negoro