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By the grace of Loving GOD
And the blessing of our Elderly
From the bottom of my heart
I dedicate these spiritual messages
To Humanity and All Beings in the Universe
To live in a just and harmonious circumstance,
To always learn and work diligently
Love and respect each other
In a prosperous and civilized Life


The Writer

Titles of the new books :

  1. Serial Spirituality 1  The Creation of the Universe
  2. Tahun 2012 Tidak Kiamat Pergeseran Zaman dari Sudut Pandang Spiritualitas ( in Indonesian with summary in English : Year 2012 Is Not Doomsday Shifting Era From The Spiritual Point of View)

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Serial Spiritualitas 1 Tahun 2012 Ora Kiamat Tahun 2012 Tidak Kiamat Serial Spirituality 1