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A Qualified and Respected Leader

We need a leader who is able to do his duty and to solve problems for the benefit of the people and the country.

In the situation where chaos and uncertainty prevail in the country, a leader should emerge in the right time to improve the situation.

A leader is one with good morality, decent, brilliant and has a vast knowledge and idea, he/she dedicates himself/herself for the interest of the people and the country, not only for his/her own interest nor his/her families and collaborators.

Consciously he/she practise a modest lifestyle. He/she must be brave to establish the truth.

He/she must be wise and at the same time must be able to do his/her duties efficiently, in order to solve all problems for the benefit of the people as well as for the country.

All his/her wise actions are in the divine path, blessed by Gusti, God.

This can be achieved by a leader who is spiritually enlightened..

To carry-out a modest lifestyle

Our elders say that whoever is the leader, he/she must be brave to carry-out a modest lifestyle, avoiding abundant worldly material wealth. This is “ conditio sine qua non” stipulated by our elders, based on the Kejawen good conduct and morality.

Living a simple life, a leader : King, Queen, President will not hurt the people’s heart, because the majority of the people  are still living under the poverty line.

A leader who practise extravagant lifestyle as rich people with abundant material wealth, meanwhile the majority of the people are poor, he/she is not a wise human, not a respectable leader.

He/she has no feeling of solidarity and does not care the feeling of his/her people.

The people hopes very much to have a qualified leader, who knows l what to do, to solve all problems for the benefit of the people and the country.

The people are tired of the leaders who can only do heavenly promises, talk sweetly as ” gentlemen” or “ gentle ladies”.

The most important thing is the evident, the proof, that the leader has worked efficiently and successfully. He/she is building a better, secured and just life where the people enjoy the prosperity and the people have access to have enough foodstuffs,clothes, houses, jobs, education and training and are confident of the bright future of their life and their country.

A Javanese proverb says : Wong cilik iso gumuyu, which means : An ordinary people can smile. It is a clear indication that life is comfortable and prosperous.

A responsible attitude

In this country, from the old days, there was a wise advice from our elders which is still relevant up to now. It says : Have an attitude like a knight/prince or satria in Javanese language.

Usually a good prince/ satria has a good ethics and responsible conduct.

To behave like a satria, today is well understood as to behave responsibly.

A satria is a respected man/woman due to his/her good and correct attitude and deed. ( Berbudi bawa laksana in Javanese proverb ).

That kind of attitude is of prime important today, as more and more people are behaving without sense of responsibility. Many people are merely looking for worldly material facilities, wish to have money through easier ways, avoiding hard work and responsibilities.

As told in the wayang stories and ancient legends, a satria is a man or a woman with handsome or beautiful face and with beautiful heart. A satria is a responsible man or woman who is not narrow minded, he/she has a vast knowledge and conception, has a lot of friends and associates, has a good heart which means he/she can pardon someone who makes mistakes.

He/sehe loves all people, hates no one. A good leader is loved by many people.

In the job, a satria has tremendous ability as he/she is a qualified officer. His/her works and capability are excellent.

He/she can easily motivate other people to improve their job performance.

A Leader, A Statesman

The satrias, the resposible people have a good chance to dedicate their services to the state, they should be good statesmen.

Their good moral attitude, their spiritual consciousness, their excellent working capability are “ strong capital” to be engaged in state’s affaires.

When the country needs the service of an excellent stateman, in the right time, a satria, the best son of the nation will emerge, he/she has tremendous capacity even to “ shake a mountain” which means he/she is able to defeat anykind of state’s enemies.

The most dangerous enemy of the state are those who are ruining the state from inside.

They are destroying the good conduct and moral of the state officials, mainly high ranking officials having strategic functions and positions. As the result thereof, there are rampant manipulations and corruptions in the bureaucratic sectors.

The practice of violation of authority by some government officials and persons with key positions to make unproper and illegal fortune is harmful to the state.

A real leader ( Pemimpin Sejati in Javanese language) is an inspirator and a motivator, people listen to what he/ she says, people will do  his/her appeal. ( Prawata Bramantara in Javanese proverb).

He is known as a person with sacred heart, honest and has good name.

As the result he/she will be blessed by Gusti, God, her or his action will be implemented smoothly and successfully.

Since the ancient time, there had been a proverb which says : That a leader or a position in the state’s bureaucracy is not related to the family’s origin , whether he/she is a villager or an aristocrat or a daughter or a son of a high ranking official; the determined factors are her/his good moral behaviour and capability.

Everyone agrees and has confident that a country governed by a leader with the above quality, the life of the people will be prosperous, safe, peaceful and happy, the Javanese proverb says : Mubra mubru blabur madu.( Lit. means Life is prosperous, life is sweet, there are honey everywhere).

With God’s Blessing, hopefully Indonesia and its people soon will experience the joy  and prosperous life.

So be it,

Suryo S.Negoro
Edited by Angela Sri Utami