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The essence of spirituality is a spiritual comprehension in order to know kasunyatan – true reality. Everything that happens in the universe is the wish and creation of The Creator of the Universe – Gusti Kang Murbeng Alam in Javanese.

A seeker of true spiritual knowledge is obliged to know his real self first, before he knows the secret of life. Egocentric worldly way of life has neglected spiritual value in the life of modern humanbeings.

A seeker of true spiritual knowledge must be determined and brave to practise spiritual exercises to find soul enlightenment, he/she then will  reach the state of harmonious relationship between the Created/Kawulo in Javanese and the Creator, GOD, Gusti in Javanese.

We know that a humanbeing is a spirit wearing “an outfit” in the form of subtle/etheric and physical bodies. So, the essence of a humanbeing is spirit, a very subtle substance created by Gusti, GOD. That is the reason why a man or a woman whose essence is spirit, does not need to be afraid towards any other  existing spirits  in the world. Do not twist this understanding that a humanbeing is a mere living body, like some people believe. At the end this kind of people will put their physical needs first. Their behaviour will be based on greedy needs such as power and selfish individualistic worldly needs. They deny the spiritual life, where  a true human is never separated from GOD, The ONE who creates and gives life to all creatures.

It has been explained in the previous chapter that every humanbeing living in the world has many spirit siblings who always accompany and protect her/him. Every humanbeing, anytime anywhere is always accompanied and protected by her/his spirit guides . The spirit guides  do not have physical bodies, they are in the form of light. They are invisible if seen by normal physical eyes.

The Dwellers of the world

There are many kind of creatures including humanbeings and animals living in this world.They live in the land, in the water, in tropical countries and also in polar regions. Besides, there are also trees, vegetation and various kinds of substances under the earth and the sea. Mankind are consist of many nations and ethnics. Those are the creatures and things which can be seen by normal physical eyes.

It has also been explained previously that there are two groups of people, namely:

The first group are the majority of people whose  spiritual/third eyes and subtle feeling are “ inactive”. They can see only visible and concrete things of the physical world. This is fine, be grateful to GOD that they have five senses that function well.

The second group are  people (their number are very limited) with “activated” spiritual eyes and psychic ability who are able to see the visible things plus the invisible things. It is also considered as  normal.

So, it is clear that ordinary person with healthy physical eyes and the spiritual person with psychic eyes see “ the real world” differently.

The Spiritbeings in the world ( especially in Java).

From spiritual’s  point of view, it is a fact that in this world ( also in Java), dwell not only humanbeings and animals, but also different kinds of spiritbeings. They live in their own worlds/dimensions.

To make things simpler, imagine that this world or island of Java is a teve set. We can watch different teve programs from different channels, we just need to turn on to the channel we wish to see. For instance, we are now located in the human dimension, in the world of humanbeings, but you can swicth to another channel, immediately you will be in the different dimension, in one of the world of spiritbeings.

The way to move from one dimension to another might happen in two ways :

  1. It is done by someone who has ability.
  2. One is  “withdrawn”or “ invited” to other dimension by spiritbeing who needs help. Herebelow are examples which usually occured :

A dalang wayang kulit – a shadow puppet master complete with his troop of Gamelan musicians, singers, the leather puppets and the gamelan set were invited to perform wayang show in dimension of a society of spiritbeings. After the whole night performance, before sunrise, the whole troop returned home, back again in the human world safely. And don’t be surprised as  they are paid with enough money for their service.

A healer was asked to cure some spiritbeings who are sick. The healing process might take place in the domain of the spiritbeings or in the house of the healer in the human dimension. This is a matter of mutual agreement between both parties.


The explaination of the existency of spiritbeings in Java is not intended to spread superstition, it is just an additional information. It might be useful for those who are interested in spirituality. Recently in the electronic media are aired scary shows about ghosts, devils etc. The contents of the stories of the bad spiritbeings are merely “commercial”  and from the spiritual point of view are misleading.

In the human world, there are good and bad humanbeings, the same in the world of spiritbeings. There are also good and bad spiritbeings.

Our effort to be closer to GOD has nothing to do with the spiritbeings and the world of spiritbeings. We, humanbeings  have our own business, so do the spiritbeings.

According to experience of our seniors in spirituality, in the journey of spiritual deed or exercises, some of us might meet spiritbeings( only a few of us). Every one has his/her own specific spiritual experience.

When a man walks in divine path, he/she can overcome the disturbance of spiritbeings ( if any). He/she  would know from her/his own spiritual judgement that there are bad and good spiritbeings.

The Dimensions of Life

Basically, there are two kinds of spiritbeings :

1. The spiritbeings who are originally created by GOD as spiritbeings.

2. The spiritbeings who were formerly humanbeings. They become spiritbeings after their death.

The “original”spiritbeings, they live together with their own folk, in their respective domain. They have their well-organized societies. They have leaders such as kings, queens as well as civil servants, ordinary citizens etc.  They also have higher and well  lower positions in their society.

On  this subject, we have interviewed  our spiritualist friend, Mr. R.M.Binaji. He is a man in his 50 s, working as a Technician in a factory. Since his childhood he has a sharp intuition and feeling. He agrees to share about the existence of spiritbeings in Java with the readers of JagadKejawen.com, based upon his observation and experience. ( In fact, the existence of spiritbeings are also found in the different parts of the world including in the modern countries like Europe and the US ).

The various spiritbeings in Java, consist of :


The life of the Merkayangan spiritbeings is almost the same with humanbeings, but in the Merkayangan dimension there is no glaring light such as the sunlight.

The forms and the faces of Merkayangan spiritbeings are like humanbeings .They also have  activities like humanbeings i.e. have a job, go to the offices,  make ritual ceremonies etc. In their world, there are shopping centers, markets, modern cars, planes etc.

In their business activities they also use  money, cheques and banking transactions. They have  cigarettes and various drinks just like in our world. In fact the life in the Merkayangan dimension is much more modern compared to  human dimension. They master much more advanced science and technology,  sophisticated machineries and equipments. Their metroplolitan cities are dominated by modern skyscrappers and high rised buildings.


The Siluman spiritbeings  prefer to live in watery regions such as in the lakes,  seas and  oceans. Their life style, the way they dress are like in the ancient kingdoms.

In the state of hierarchy, they have queen, king, patih/prime minister, aristocrats, higher and lower ranking officials, soldiers, court servants etc.

Still in the aristocratic style of life,there are palaces,  grand mansions of the princes,  chariots drawn by horses, etc.

A good soldier is a good healthy man/woman who has skill in the art of fighting and capable of using various kind of weapons and he/she must be sakti – unvulnarable to sharp weapons such as arrow, sword, keris, and bullet. Many of them have a rich collection of esoteric powerful heirlooms.

Kanjeng Ratu Kidul

The famous queen from  siluman dimension is Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, A beautiful and powerful Goddess of the South Sea. Her palace is located in Segoro Kidul, the South Sea, around 25 km south of the city of Jogjakarta. The front gate of the palace is Parangkusumo. Her sea empire stretched out along the southern shore of the island of Java.

Her name as a queen is Prabu Kenconowungu – The Great Queen Kenconowungu. In several regions under her empire along the southern sea, she has appointed some Adipati- Regents.

Kanjeng Ratu Kidul has a trusted Patih/Prime Minister, her name is Nyai Roro Kidul. She is not only very beautiful and smart, she also has strong supernatural power. 

The Siluman Empire of South Sea regularly conducts several ritual ceremonies as practised in the ancient kingdoms of Java..

According to a legend, in the 16th century, there was an agreement between Kanjeng Ratu Kidul and Panembahan Senopati, the first king/ruler of the second Mataram Kingdom, among other stated that the Queen will always protect Mataram Kingdom and all kings of Mataram.

The meeting point between Panembahan Senopati and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul was set in the shore of Parang Kusumo, Jogjakarta.

Sarpo Bongso

He is a Siluman spiritbeing, The king/ruler of Rawa Pening, a big lake nearby Ambarawa, located between Magelang and Semarang, Central Java.

Since the ancient time, Sarpo Bongso and his siluman people live in the lake of Rawa Pening.

Sarpo Bongso ia a genuine Siluman spirit being, he was created by Gusti, GOD as a siluman creature. Nyai Roro Kidul, the Prime Minister of South Sea Empire  is also a genuine siluman spiritbeing since thousand years ago.

Kanjeng Ratu Kidul was not a siluman. Several hundred years ago, she was a princess from a kingdom in Java. Originally she was a humanbeing.

According to Kejawen – Javanese spiritual knowledge, she is a high grade human spirit who is assigned by Gusti, GOD  to live and to govern in another dimension, in that case in the Siluman world, The Empire of South Sea.

In Java, there are some human spirits who are assigned by Gusti,GOD, The Ruler of the Universe to become rulers/Kings/Queens in several kingdoms of spiritbeings. When they lived as humanbeings, they were wise people, mastering powerful spiritual knowledge.


The traditional people of Java call them the spiritbeing of JIM. Their life style is like in the ancient kingdoms. They have kings, queens, aristocrats and ordinary class of Jim. The spiritbeings of Jim live in the hot rocky  mountainous regions.


The spiritbeings of Demit live in their dimension in the green mountains with fresh air . They look like humanbeings but  smaller. They have a  very moderate life style. Their houses are made of wooden and bamboo materials.

Besides the existence of the societies of spiritbeings of Merkayangan, Siluman, Kajiman and Demit, there are 2 (two) other spirit societies. The dwellers of the two socities are very honest, kind-hearted and sacred.( But up to now, we are not allowed yet to write about these two societis in more detail)

From the above explaination, it is clear  that in this world, notably in Java, there are 7 ( seven) dimensions of life with their own well-established societies, consist of   :

1.Humanbeings 2.Merkayangan 3. Siluman. Kajiman 5. Demit. 6 and 7 are special societies.
The world where humanbeings live does exist physically and it can be seen with physical eyes.

The non-physical world of Watu Kayu- “stones and woods”

Except the existence of established societies of spiritbeings, there is another dimension where live the spiritbeings who were formerly humanbeings. When they lived as humanbeings, they have made big mistakes. As a result of their bad conduct, after their death, they could not returned directly to their world of origin in the immortal world of spirits. They were “trapped” in the earth, unable to free themselves from the earth gravity. It is their punishment as they have trespassed  the rule of good conduct of life stipulated by Gusti, The Creator of Life, GOD.

In front of GOD,there is no exception , everyone who commits mistakes shall be punished accordingly. The punishment shall be carried-out in this present worldly life or in the afterlife, which is worse.

What kind of fatal mistakes that makes some people  be punished in the afterlife?

According to Kejawen belief, the following are considered as fatal mistakes:

Slanderers, dishonest people, prewangan a medium- someone who permits bad spiritbeings to use her/his physical body as a medium; people who commit black magic to make other people  suffer or even die; people who use the services of bad spiritbeings to be rich with material wealth or to control other people’s life; killers; people who commit sins etc.

This dimension is called the spirit world of Watu Kayu – Stones and Woods, because they live in some stones, rocks or trees. 

They live miserably  as in accordance to the mistakes they have commited and if they make another mistake in this “stones and woods” dimension, they will receive another punishment.

And what is worshipping to Berhala, bad spiritbeings who can make the worshippers instantly rich with world material wealth?

----*----  To be continued


Suryo S.Negoro
Edited by Arie Suryo