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We oftenly hear  that certain places are the domain of spirit beings, so that places are eerie. We already know that there are good and bad spirit beings.

Some people might see the appearance of spirit beings  due to :

  1. The spirit beings want to inform the human beings who dwell in the house or to some guests who stay in the house of their existence.
  2. The spirit beings want to be helped because they can’t continue their walk  to the right place, they can’t free themselves from the earth gravity due to their unproper way of death such as suicide, accident and punishment.
  3. The spirit beings who wish to make contact with human beings, are considered to have a good intention.
  4. The bad spirit beings who just want to disturb human beings.

We already know that our brothers and sisters who have mastered true spiritual knowledge have known the secret of life, the appearance of spirit  beings is something normal, it is not something special. They can see “invisible” spirit beings as clearly as they see another human beings.

We are already aware that there are 7/seven dimensions of life in the earth. Every being in every dimension takes care of their own  business. In fact there is a peaceful co-existence. It is important that besides the seven dimensions, there are additional dimension of spirit beings who were formerly human beings. They live in the dimension of watu kayu –“ stone and wood”, they are not yet able to return to their source of origin or to the world of spirits, because they have commited fatal mistakes when they lived as human beings.

On top of that, there are some spirits of high quality of human beings who becomes kings or queens in the well-established societies of spirit beings dimensions. According to Kejawen Teaching, they are assigned by Gusti, God to lead and  improve the life in the other dimension.

Some people who claim themselves as psychics, paranormals who can make contact with the invisible world are exposing this topics in our human society.

Regretfully, some of the psychics  make profit of this issue by commercializing it, they can  easily make money through it. There are misleading stories of the world of spirit beings.

This kind of behaviour is in sharp contrast with the true spirituality. The true spiritualist never boasting herself/himself, always take a low-profile attitude.

They help others  voluntarily  and sincerely, with no commercial purposes. To help other people is a duty of a human being, and it is a honour.The principle of life is : It is better to help than being helped. It is better to give some donation ratherthan receive some donation. This is a principal behaviour of a preserver of Kejawen culture and spirituality.

A safe and clean house

A normal human being usually would like to have a peaceful and happy life. Sometimes a family’s tranquil life is disturbed by spirit beings who dwell also in the house. To end the disturbances, the head of the family will ask help from a spiritually wise old man/woman- priyayi sepuh or wong pinter- ,so the house and the family at soonest freed from disturbances  of the spirit beings.

Usually, the spiritual wise person- “ the old man”- piyayi sepuh will offer  two options :

  1. The spirit beings are not allowed to disturb  the human family and the guests of the house anymore . But the spirit beings are allowed to live also in the same house. It is a true peaceful co-existance of life.
  2. The spirit beings are ordered to leave the house, especially if they are naughty or have bad behaviour. A wise spiritual man, the priyayi sepuh will direct the spirit beings to live in a certain place.

The appearances of spirit beings

We heard stories or we may witness  in a certain night somebody is screaming frantically because he/she saw a spirit being with a scary face, his/her entire body was bleeding. In fact this spirit being was requesting for a help. He/she wanted to be freed from the place and could go to another better place.

When we go on a pilgrimage in a  cemetery, we see many spirit beings( who were formerly human beings ) who are stucked in the cemetary as they do not know how to continue their journey back to the spirit world where they belong. Some of them are still attracted to worldly material life, although they are already dead years ago or even long time ago.

Therefore  it  is praiseworthy if we pray for the the dead people, asking The Loving God to forgive all her/ his mistakes.

If we stand in front of a grave of a dead person or seeing a photograph of the deceased or listening a story of a deceased, a Kejawen spiritualist will know automatically the position of the deceased. Is he/she in a correct spiritual place or he/she is still in the difficult position.

The spiritualist is able to know by using his/her “roso sejati’ in Javanese means ‘true spiritual feeling”. The true spiritual feeling will become more and more sensitive if we are closer to Gusti, God. Everything happened due to the wish of Gusti, God.

The eerie places

Several places such as  bridges, roads, crossroads, musiums, old houses, cemeteries, the remnants of palaces or old buildings are eerie or hair raising.

  1. On some bridges or crossroads, a lot of traffic accidents occured, some people died as victims. Regular drivers of public transport who pass the place, intentionally horn their cars to avoid accident. The dead persons , the victims of the accidents, who are already dead, but they can not free themselves from the earth gravity of the place, they suffer and they draw other passers by to live in that place together with them. It means more and more accidents would happened.
  2. In some musiums, old buildings, cemeteries, the situation is eerie in the night time. Usually ,there are some spirit beings guard the place.In the musium ,there are stored some antique and some heirlooms which are guarded by spirit beings. In the cemetery, some spirit beings are loyally guard his master, a human being who is buried in that place.As we know, there are clever and stupid spirit beings. The loyal but stupid spirit being guard the grave of his master. They will attack anybody who comes close to the grave. The stupid ones does not know to detect the ability of the people who comes to the grave, so they just will attack. If the person who are attacked  has no supernatural power, he/she might become sick or even die, if not immediately helped by a wise or clever guy.If we visit a cemetery, a musium or an old building, it is advisable to prepare spiritually. At least , we say that we come to the place with good intention, we just would pay pilgrimage or just looking around in the musium.For a traditional Javanese, there is a very practical way to be safe every where, anytime i.e. by asking our spirit siblings to accompany and protect us. Our spirit siblings will take care any spirit being who happened to meet us.
  3. Some places have a very strong attractive natural power. So the place is very good for meditation, to practise spiritual exercises. At the same time the place is also attractive to spirit beings from other dimensions of life.
  4. The domain of the spirit beings, such as their palaces, houses, villages usually are situated in remote places far from the human domains. But the fast growing of human population have disturb their domains.

Cross relation between dimensions

A human being can make contact with another being from other dimension such as the dimensions of Merkayangan, Siluman or Kajiman. There are human beings who have wives or husbands from other dimensions.Usually, their children will be raised and live in the other dimensions, not in the dimension of human beings.Those who married with beings from other established dimensions, prior to their marriage they have made agreement on how they will meet, arrange  their family life, living together and raise their children.

According to the advice of our elders, it is better if a human marries with human, but if  someone marries a spirit being , he/she must be a spirit being from an established dimension, not with a bad spirit being.

How could a human being marry with a spirit being? Usually he/she is still relatively young, her/his spiritual knowledge has not reached highest grade, but he/she is already able to see and meet spirit beings. Usually the young man or woman is not able to refrain the temptation from a very beautiful Merkayangan being or a very handsome Siluman being to have a love contact and they agree to marry.  So, the cross-relation marriage between a human being with a being from other dimension occured.

Many Guru of Kejawen Spirituality give their opinion that a young man or woman who are learning spirituality should not to make contact with spirit beings of other dimensions. Because their ages are still young and their knowledge of spirituality is not yet matured.

Be aware that in the other dimensions also have a lot of dwellers and the spirit beings are more agrssive in making love relation.

Those who have spirit being wives or husbands, they know more knowledge of the spirit worlds, because they got the information from their respective wives or husbands.

That does not mean that their spiritual knowledge is high and perfect, it is not indicating that there are in  divine path, closer to Gusti, God.

After they become “clever” and able to see the invisible world and become a “supernatural” consultant , they become lazy to do spiritual deeds to worship Gusti, God. Most of their time spend  with spirit beings.

Why there are many spirit beings who live in the human dimension?

----*---- To be continued


Suryo S.Negoro
Edited by Arie Suryo