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We are aware that every dimension of life, is situated in their own world and every dimension is busy with its own business. Many people ask : Why are there some spirit beings like Jim and Siluman live in the  dimension of human beings?

The existence of Jim and Siluman spirit beings in the human world because they were “invited” or “ withdrawn” by some human beings to live here.

If one needs the service of Jim or Siluman to become body guards, to guard someone or to guard a certain place. There are some Jims and/or Silumans who are placed in certain heirlooms such as  krises, gemstones to add the “supernatural’ power and abilities of the heirlooms. Therefore some Jim and Siluman spirit beings are living in our dimension, as they were asked to be here by some people or psychic  who have mystical ability .

In the 90s, there were some advertisements in some newspapers offering or selling Jims for guards. The  price depends on the skill of every Jim. The ads also offered imported Jims from abroad. For this kind of business, we have no comment!

Once the spirit beings are withdrawn to live here in our human dimension, it is difficult for them to go back again to live with their folk in their dimension. 

They dwell in some houses or objects as their domain.Some dwell in precious stones or krises, spears etc. These  objects like gemstones, krises are small if seen by physical eyes, but in the “invisible world” they are “created’ to become big houses or palaces by the Jim spirit beings.

We should know that a kris or a gemstone has its own natural energy. Every kind of gemstone such as agate, ruby, crystal etc has specific natural energy which is beneficial to the wearer or owner of the precious stone.There are stones which produce different effects to the wearer, such as  the feeling of calmness, patience, happiness or might bring health, wealth etc.There are stones which have natural power to combat against poison of snake,scorpio etc.

The natural energy of the gemstones will function for the benefit of the wearer or owner if they are “programmed” accordingly, otherwise the gemstones are merely “sleeping beauty”, only beautiful jewelry but have no esoteric power.In order to wake up the energy of a gemstone, a gemstone programmer will access the energy from the Universe to flow to the gemstone until the gemstone’s energy functions accordingly.If  a spirit being  is invited to dwell in a gemstone, it will have additional functions of the spirit being’s abilities.

Every kris or spear has its own natural energy from the metal and iron. A good traditional  kris also has esoteric power inserted by the Empu ( kris maker) as in accordance to the wishes of the man who gives order to make the kris.Additionally, a Jim or Siluman spirit being might be ordered to dwell in that kris to give a stronger supernatural  power.

When you are given an old heirloom kris (or you get it through a purchase), you have to know  whether the”invisible secret” purposes of the kris is suitable for you. Whether the vibration of the kris is appropriate with your vibration.

Do you know that a kris ordered by a warrior has different purpose with a kris ordered by a trader or a farmer? A kris that originally belonged to a regent or a high ranking  civil servant is different with a kris needed by a healer.

Visits to other dimensions of life

Sometimes when it is necessary, a high ranking spirit being such a queen, minister, warrior or healer leaves for a while their domain in order to make a visit to a  a human being. After the meeting, they will return immediately to their domain of their own dimension. 
They come to the dimension of human beings due to their own wish or might be they are invited by a certain human being or some human beings to make a short visit to the dimension of spirit being , then they return back here.

Sometimes some healers from the spirit being dimension come to our dimension to consult with our healers. In some cases a spirit being healer send their sick patients here to be cured by  our healers.

Now, we know that crossing from one dimension to other dimension is possible.

In order to be able” to go and back” to other dimension of life, there is a specific conditions and rules. In fact, It is not strange for those who have mastered the secret of life through true spiritual knowledge.     

Black Knowledge

We are a good and conscious people who learn True Spiritual Knowledge, Divine Knowledge in order to be always close to Gusti, GOD, we are the seekers of true knowledge.

But ,there are some people who learn and become followers of “black knowledge” (Ilmu Hitam” in Javanese) such as black magic, bad witchcraft etc. They dare make fatal mistakes by tresspassing the stipulation of God, they are narrow minded people, usually with minor education.They want to be famous, very rich with material wealth by using black knowledge including requesting help from bad spirit beings.

Usually they know black knowledge through a black dhukun - a bad witch. The black witch will help them have their wishes but they have to comply with the conditions stipulated by the witch.

Then, the black dhukun, witch will provide them with a helper or some helpers in the form of bad spirit beings.In providing this service, the black dhukun, witch will charge them expensively.

On top of that, they are obliged to give some offerings to the bad spirit beings as in accordance with the agreement. The bad spirit being(s), helper(s), will help them as long as the people who use their service  are still alive.

We know that a human life in the world is relatively short, so it will be appropriate  if as long as we live in this world  we consiously carry out our  life with something useful for the mankind and for the world. Regretfully, there are some people who deliberatly dare to make fatal mistakes, to commit sins. They are lured by temporary worldly abundance of material wealth  by joining the dark forces connected with bad spirit beings. As a consequence of their sinful attitude, they will be servants of  bad spirit beings in the afterlife. And for how long?

Usually, the black dukhun, witch say that he/she can not be held responsible, because he/she is only doing his/her job to earn some money. It is not true,  the bad witch will have to pay for what he/she has done. He/she will receive his/her punishment accordingly in the after life.

In the criminal world, there are stories that someone becomes a famous criminal because he/she has gained black knowledge. Some years ago, a  robber  become wellknown because he had black knowledge of “aji belut putih” in Javanese – a spell of white eel. When he said his spell of white eel, he hardly be caught by the police and he was also invulnerable and very strong. When he was caught by the people and he was beaten badly, until he became weak and almost die. His life was rescued by the police arrival.  After he drank a glass of water, he fully recovered, became fresh again as if nothing had happened. Due to his spell, his physical body has the same charateristics as an eel, water makes an eel strong and active and can move briskly. The same as eel, he needed to live nearthe water, he consumed more water compared to ordinary man.

Although, he had a powerful spell,  one day he was “unlucky”, the spell did not work well  and  he was caught by the police.

The Guru of Black Knowledge

It is a fact that there are people  who become professional Guru of Black Knowledge. In their life, they have abundant worldly material properties, they have astonishing abilities in doing some miracles which make them famous and very much respected by their followers. These people utilize black knowledge which must be avoided by us who are in the Divine path.

Rationally, every normal human being  will not learn or make any commitment  with black knowledge, black magic and bad spirit beings. The risk is too heavy.
Only for a relatively very short time i.e. during their present life, they are rich with earthly material wealth, became very  influential people, they have various abilities in doing miracles but they have done fatal mistakes which they have to pay in the after life.

The practitioners of black knowledge follow blindly the teaching of their gurus. They are of the opinion that the most important thing is now, this very moment, they can live prosperously and happily, but they forget, they have to pay in the after life , It is not the present business,it is what they will deal latter-on. Now , they can enjoy an extravagant life.

For the seekers of spiritual awakening, the practice of black knowledge is totally wrong. Some people ask : How could some people make a commitment with sinful black knowledge? Why they do not learn a beneficial good knowledge such as the true spiritual knowledge.

We know that there is no cross-cut in learning true spirituality. Someone who wish to deepen his/her spiritual knowledge must consiously learn it step by step based on good morality and devotion of God.

There was a popular story of a famous guru of black knowledge. He was so powerful, by using his magic spell, he could eliminate his big and  strong opponent in a duel. In the duel fight, he changed his appearance to be a wild giant snake  who could  crush his enemy into pieces and then swallow  him. After the victorious battle, he became more famous and he had more followers. But this guru of black knowledge was aware that he had violated the sacred stipulation of Gusti, God.

He knew that he would be punished by God in the afterlife. He can not return directly to the world of spirits, his holy place of origin. He will be in the dark world of  spirit snakes, for a very long , long time, probably until the end of time.

Suryo S.Negoro
Edited by Arie Suryo