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Malang, The Beautiful and Attractive City





Malang lies on a highland of more than 400 meters higher than sea level, it is indeed a nice and attractive city with its mild climate. On the fertile plateau grows easily green trees with various kind of beautiful and colorful flowers.

Many foreign visitors say that Malang is the most attractive city in Java.

The second biggest city of Java is a comfortable place to live with its clean air and peaceful environment which are also enjoyed by tourists.

There are breath-taking views, ancient temples or candis, good hotels and adequate facilities with polite and friendly people which support the comfort of travelers.

Malang has fresh mountainous climate because the city is surrounded by four volcanoes namely : Arjuna, Kawi, Semeru and Tengger. It lies 90 km south of Surabaya, in the southern part of East Java.





A bit from History

Seeing the fact of the existence of many temples in the region, Malang must be known since a long time ago.
From the inscription Ukirnegara of 1198 AD found in the village of Bantaran, Wlingi, Blitar, the name of Malang was mentioned  as a name of a region “ Malangkuceswara”.

In the year 1461 Malang was under the reign of Demak kingdom and then under the reign of Mataram kingdom.
After Diponegoro War in 1825-1830 against Dutch colonialists, several officers of Prince Diponegoro’s Army lived under disguise in Malang region.

The plantation and the region of Malang developed tremendously  , benefited by the implementation of  new laws of  plantation and agriculture.

The city of Malang was constructed following   European design, nicely arranged. The railway connecting Malang and Surabaya in 1876, pushed further the development of Malang.

1 April 1914 was the birthday of Malang City. The emblem of the city is Eagle with a word Malangkuceswara ( God forbids the sinners).

(Nowadays in Malang there is a private University  with the name of Malangkuceswara). 

Let’s take a stroll in Malang

The city of Malang has a nice ,clean and well arranged houses in several parts of the town. Visitors will enjoy a city tour exploring many interesting objects. Transportation is not a problem, you may choose, would it be a car, motor bike, becak or dokar/horse carriage.





The down town, since  old days is Kayutangan Avenue now its name is Jalan Basuki Rachmat. This main avenue was built in 1930 and maintains its original form up to now. We might say that Kayutangan is the center of stores, offices and trading activities in Malang.

At Jalan Kayutangan there is  Monument of Chairil Anwar, a famous poet and Indonesian fighter of Independence. This is to remind people to always keep the spirit of struggle to develop the nation and the country.





Toko Oen is a famous old time restaurant providing delicious European food and Ice Cream. It still maintains its original building.

Across Toko Oen , there is an old Catholic  church stands firmly. It serves the worshippers for many years.

Nearby, a huge Sarinah Department Store offers various kinds of souvenirs, handicrafts and batik from every part of Indonesia. Visitors can buy batik cloths of Malang design.





The city has several recreational parks attracting a lot of visitors. In Jalan Kahuripan lies Senaputra Tourist Park. In Majapahit street lies Tarekot Recreational Park with rich birds collection, Mini zoo, Pavilion for handicrafts, swimming pool etc. Close by stands the DKM – Malang Art Council.

As in every town in Java, Malang also has an Alun-Alun- Town Square in Jalan Merdeka. It is a large open square with fresh air. There is a nice park which is well taken care of and a  fresh flower market.

If you need a comfortable accommodation, you may take Hotel Pelangi one of the modern hotels in Malang. It was an antique hotel built in 1916 by the name of Palace Hotel. Since then, it has been renovated several times but it keeps its original style.





The other decent hotels are Splendid Inn and Tugu Park Hotel. The foreign tourists say that  Tugu Park Hotel as one of the nicest hotel in Indonesia.

Masjid Jami’ ( Mosque Jami’) was built in 1875 is even older than the Alun-Alun which was built in 1882. This mosque has been renovated several times but its form is unchanged including the design of the doors, the spears ornaments and the steel carving.





Besides the mosque, a Christian Church Immanuel was built by the Dutch missionaries in 1861. It was reconstructed in 1912.





On the other side of Alun-Alun stand Pendopo Kabupaten/ The Office of Regional  Administration and a shopping center with special Malang culinary “Rawon Nguling”. This building in the past was known as Flora and than changed its name to Wijayakusuma. This building was an art center where famous art groups such as Srimulat, Lokaria, Ketoprak Siswobudoyo started their performance here.

Pecinan is Malang’s China Town in Pasar Besar street. Up to now, it is a lively business center although there are many new malls in other parts of the city.





Toko Tio is an old shop selling any kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs from all parts of Indonesia.

Pasar  Besar ( Big market)  opened in 1924 was the first business center in Malang. It is really a big market. All kind of produce are available in this market such as clothes, foodstuffs, fruits and there is also a special place for antique products, old used goods, bric-a-brac etc.





Tugu Nasional was inaugurated by Soekarno, The first President of Indonesia in Mei 1953 to replace the old Tugu which was destroyed during the independent war. This monument is also named as Tugu Alun-Alun Bunder because it lies in the middle of a square with round shape.





In front of Tugu is the elegant Malang Townhall, Gedung Balaikota since 1929, it is protected as valuable building inherited from old time.

The old Dutch High School of HBS and AMS were in Jalan Tugu Utara since 1923.These buildings are occupied by SMUN 1,2,3,4 of Malang.( SMUN –Public High School).Some of the alumnus of the schools became local and national figures.   





“Inggil Museum Resto” in Gajahmada street is a  restaurant with its specific service of Javanese tradition. The staffs wear Javanese traditional costume, speak in a soft Javanese language and serve Javanese culinary. Inside the restaurant there is a small museum with well preserved ancient goods. This restaurant has been awarded as the best 100 restaurants in the world ( Madrid 1998).

The other museums of Malang are Brawijaya and Bentoel.





Brawijaya Museum is in Jalan Ijen, it is a modern museum and it is well managed. There are many goods with historical value belonged to Army’s Brawijaya Division of East Java.

Bentoel Museum is in Jalan Wiromargo nearby China Town/Pecinan. It is a museum of Bentoel Clove Cigarette Industry belonged to the Ong family.Ong has worked hard to build his cigarette empire to reach his success, According to hearsay, he became successful after using the brand of Bentoel. He got the brand Bentoel after a solemn pray in Kawi.( Kawi is a place of pilgrimage in the slope of Mount Kawi where many people pray for fortune in life).

Stasiun Kota Baru





It is the name of Malang Railway station. It started to function in 1876 connecting Malang with Surabaya. It was renovated in 1930. From here, people can travel to other cities in Java.

In front of the station there is Monumen Perjuangan- Monument of Struggle, commemorating the brave fighters of Independence.

The City of Education

Malang is also well known as a city of students and education, it has several universities, such as :

Universitas Negeri Malang

Formerly known as IKIP, a Higher Educational Institution to prepare teachers. The new campus is in Jalan Surabaya.

Universitas Brawijaya





The first President of Indonesia ,Soekarno inaugurated this university in July 10, 1961. ( It begun as a small University Kotapraja in 1957). Now, University of Brawijaya is a reputable national University. The campus is in Jalan M.T. Haryono.

Politeknik Negeri Malang

It is in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta. Previously it was Politeknik Universitas Brawijaya, since 1989 ,it became Politeknik Negeri Malang.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

It has a big and tranquil campus in Jalan Raya Tlogomas. It is a cozy campus.

Universitas Ma Chung

It was a dedication of the alumnus of Ma Chung High School. The High School has a highly qualified education standard.

Universitas Malangkuceswara





The other above universities are located in Dinoyo area. Malangkuceswara University lies in Blimbing area. It has a huge campus with fine buildings.

Politeknik Kesehatan Malang

It is in Ijen area. The campus is large and well arranged. It is a Higher Educational Institution for medical professionals. Since 2001 , it has 3 departments, namely : Nursery, Obstetrics and Nutrition.

Produce of Plantation and Industry





Since a long time, Malang is well known as a supplier of coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. Malang also produces various kind of light industry and crafts such as : products of rattan. tiles, ceramics, furniture, batik, cigarettes, foodstuff , masks etc. There are also art galleries offering fine arts.

Places of worship





Although  Malang is a relatively  small town but it caters to most religious faiths. The places of worship are clean and well taken care.

You can find easily Mosques, Churches, Klentheng or Viharas in Malang.There are many Hindu  and Buddhist temples in the region too.

In  Wendit area there is a petilasan/ meditation center belonged to the late Eyang/Grand Father Sara, a reputable spiritualist of Malang. He had a close relation with Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia.





In 1950s, Eyang Sara joined the people of Tulungagung to free the city of Tulungagung from continuous flood by making an underground tunnel to flow  the water to the South Sea. The job was done with the spirit of gotong royong- mutual cooperation. In the initial stages, the cost was paid voluntarily by the people, later the government financed the finishing stages.

The Hindu and Buddhist Temples

Many tourists, local as well as foreign visit the ancient temples. In the town of Malang, there is only one temple in Dinoyo area, namely Candi Badut, one the oldest candi/temple in East Java. In the center room there is a statue of Lingga Yoni.Other statues are missing. ( The other ones should be the statues of Durga Mahisasuramardini, Siwa and Ganesha).





In Arjosari sub-district, there is a beautiful Ken Dedes statue. It is an attractive statue although only a duplicate. The genuine Ken Dedes statue is kept in Museum Nasional, Jakarta.





Around the city of Malang, between Malang and Lawang, there are several candis such as Candi Singosari, Candi Jago, Candi KIdal.( For detail of candis/temples of Hindu and Buddha, please click articles of :” Sacred Sanctuaries of the Eastern Javanese Period ( X – XVI ) “,in this JagadKejawen Website, written by DR. Hariani Santiko).  

Lawang and surrounding





Lawang is a small beautiful town lies north of Malang, it is clean and attractive. The famous hotel in the city is Hotel Niagara ,491 meters above sea level, built in 1914-1918 by a Brazilian architect, Pinitu.





The view from this hotel is marvelous, you can enjoy the panoramic landscape of the slope of Mount Arjuna. As long as you stay here, inhale as much as possible the hilly fresh air while enjoying the breath-taking view of the green plantation.

There is a nice Flower Park nearby with variety of colorful flowers. It is so beautiful. To be continued.

Suryo S.Negoro
( The photos and important information in this article are provided by Mr. K. Soewardi and his friends, the native of Malang. JagadKejawen is grateful).